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Heroes of Venetia: The Guardian of Doom: Heroes of Venetia: The Guardian of Doom: Chapter Two: Enter Link! Skeletons at the Farm!

by Cmeriwether

In the corn fields, outside of the City of Hamold in the north of Flosig, sat a young man of short stature for a man, with short, messy blonde hair and blue eyes, he wore a white collared shirt and brown pants. The young man had been sitting on the fence, watching the cattle as there were skeletons stealing his family farm's livestock. He then got called.

"Link dear, breakfast."

"On my way mom!" the young man, now known as Link, called out "Pandora, can you watch the cattle?"

A black cat had walked up on the fence and sat, giving a meow before Link made the walk back to the house, it was a small house, not too many rooms, and he walked right into the kitchen. At that point, Link sat down and waited for breakfast to be served. A decent portion of different meats and corn based breads were set on the table as the man and another man of similar hair and eyes, but several inches taller. The woman had gone out to feed the chickens.

"Link, those advent…"

A small rounded eared tan cat with lots of black spots jumped on the window sill, pawing at the window. It had a letter in its mouth.

"Look, a Jaguarundi!" Link responded.

Link opened the window, and took the letter.

'Dear Farra family,

The adventurers you hired are leaving now, they should be arriving either tonight or tomorrow. As for you, please wait for the party, the following adventurers are in this party.

Jade Johnson, Element: Water, Age 15, Familiar is the Jaguarundi that delivered this letter.

Grace Johnson, Element: Water, Age 15, Familiar is a Rottweiler.

Cornelius Ironshield, Element: Light, Age 16, Familiar is a Napoleon Cat.

Voria Dragonwing, Element: Chaos, Age 15, Familiar is a Black Slime.

As such, a letter will fly to your location if any changes to the party occur.


Adventurer's Corp of Rotaria

Adventurer's Corp of Flosig'

"Looks like they're on their way," The young man responded, "I'll greet them when they get here."

The other man nodded as they continued eating breakfast.


Jade Johnson woke up, feeling refreshed. She had met a young man by the name of Voria, and he was surprisingly willing to help. Before they go off on any major adventures, though, she figured they will need a healer. The ones in the village had to stay to assist Raiding parties if someone ticked off the Settlement. Maybe they will find one at the job.

"Hey, Jade!" A female voice called out.

Jade turned around to find a red haired woman built similar to herself.


"You and Grace headed out?" The woman asked.

At that moment, Cornelius woke up, and Grace followed behind. They were holding hands, with Cornelius having a worried look.

"Hey, Grace, you finally confess!?" Jade asked from the opposite side of the tent group.

"N-n-no, what makes y-you think that?" Grace asked stuttering, and an extremely red face.

"You're holding Cornelius's hand." Jade responded.

Cornelius hadn't noticed Jade speak or he would be blushing hard himself. As the young pair continued towards the edge of camp, Voria popped out of a nearby tent to talk with Jade.

"So you must be the young man that my husband met."

Voria was a little confused as to how she knew he encountered the village last night.

"I'm Jade's mom, and her father is the Chieftain."

Voria gulped, he had been up late talking with Jade the night before. At that moment a loud scared meowing sound went off.

"Akarian Assassins!" A guard yelled.

Voria took notice of the group of Assassins after a red haired girl of similar height and build to Jade. At that moment, one was smote by a glowing figure.

"I don't know if he is an enemy or an ally, but maybe I should help him." Voria whispered as he went after the assassins.

He ran over to see the glowing figure trying to tell the Assassins off. It didn't work, and they went after Grace again. The glowing figure gave a look at Voria, noting the boy's power. Voria took action, drawing his sword and fighting two of the assassins as the glowing boy fought. In the end, the assassins fled after Cornelius amped up the glowing.

"Cornelius!" Grace called out as she hugged him in an attempt to stop him.

"It was a good thing they fled, there's something powerful living under the village and we don't know when it will strike." Jade's mother explained to the group.

Cornelius stopped glowing and began blushing furiously. Grace blushed and hid her face in his neck.

"You okay?" Cornelius asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, let's get going before more of them show up."

Grace and Cornelius walked hand in hand with Jade and Voria chatting as the group made its way towards the border. When they got to the border, Flosigian guards stopped the party.

"I'm sorry, the border is closed…"

"We're here to see the Farra Family about the skeletons taking their pigs." Cornelius explained.

"We have orders from the Akarian Assassin guild to kill you…" points at Grace, "on sight."

The guards went after Grace, Cornelius went after them but was knocked back. When two of the guards got hits in, something happened. Grace had red markings around her two wounds, and suddenly attacked back. The two guards landed on the other side of the outpost. She then went further towards the guards again but Cornelius stepped in picking her up, bridal style, in an attempt to calm her down.


Brio and Vayu had been moving towards the kingdom of Formid, they had gotten as far as the border between them and Drago. The guards cowered in fear when Brio walked up. He gave a glare at them, Vayu following behind. The two went on their way towards Formid, current going through Drago.


It was Early Evening when Jade, Grace, Voria and Cornelius all arrived at the Farra Family Farm. They knocked on the door, and a tall, blonde haired boy answered.

"Hello, are you the adventurers sent to deal with the skeletons stealing our pigs."

"Yes, I am Cornelius Ironshield, and these are Grace, Jade and Voria."

Voria stepped forward, "Voria Dragonwing."

"Jade Johnson," Jade would respond.

"Grace Johnson." Grace would respond.

He took a look towards Grace, a flirty one, but was backed off by Cornelius's eyes suddenly glowing. Grace kept close just in case. He calmed down.

"Roneldus, I'll handle this." A short blonde looked at the adventurers, "H-h-hi, I'm Link Farra, I am actually the one who requested you."

Grace had grabbed Cornelius's hand without anyone noticing. Jade and Voria listened to Link.

"I'll show you the pig pen."

Link led the way as Cornelius and Grace took the lead as Jade and Voria followed behind. Eventually they get to a place with a wooden fence and a bunch of pigs with all different colors.

"We're asking you to guard them, and hopefully end the skeletons, I'll be assisting if anyone gets hurt."

Link set up a tent as everyone else did.

"I'll take first shift, everyone else get some sleep."

All four nodded to Cornelius but not before Grace walked up to him and gave him a quick hug. She went to bed as everyone else went to bed. When everyone was asleep, Cornelius whispered a few words.

"I love you, Grace, rest, we have a big day tomorrow."

A skeleton attempted to steal a pig as he said this and he smote the skeleton with a jumping attack. The sound of his boots on the ground woke everyone up. Grace had been up this whole time out of worry, but did not hear what he said, but heard the boots and immediately drew her daggers out of her armor, still in her night clothes, preparing for whatever may come. At that point skeletons galore appeared. Including that of a Giant.

"Grace, get your armor, and wake up Link, Voria and Jade." Cornelius was being serious, and was a blushing mess.

The red haired girl nodded and got everyone up and ready. Jade, after walking out the tent, shot an arrow at the giant, it turned to lightning and hit the giant that way. Voria prepared for an attack at midrange, Cornelius got their attention as Grace dropped in from behind, attacking it there.

"Jade, Voria, take the other skeletons, Grace and I got this handled…"

Cornelius had gotten the words out as the giant turned around and smacked Grace with its hammer.

"Frost Giant Skeleton."

Voria took the offensive as Link went to help, Grace had been slammed between the hammer and a tree. Link immediately got to work as Cornelius glowed again.

"You have the nerve…" Cornelius took on the Giant by himself, "Voria, make sure no skeletons get to Jade, they seem to be going after her."


Darkness covered the skeletons as they got picked off by either Jade or themselves. Cornelius had beaten the heck out of the Giant and it was still standing. The giant took a swing, and slammed into Cornelius, but it wasn't done, two more swing much like that one landed on him. Cornelius chopped off its legs, then it's arms, then it's head and crushed the skull with the hilt of his sword. He then ran over to Grace and looked on worriedly. He then looked to Link, who gave a small smile that meant nothing to worry about.

"She's okay now, we'll need to let her rest."

"Cornelius…" Grace muttered out.

"It's alright, I got the Giant, Jade and Voria are finishing the remaining skeletons…"

A cloaked figure with a tome with a skull on it looked at them.

"All that healing will be wasted on her." The figure spoked and dropped a dagger in her stomach.

Her eyes turned red, as she pulled the dagger out, and threw it back at him.

"I'll make sure all of you are corpses added to my army."

Cornelius had enough, and let Grace make a move, she went from behind and stuck a sword from one of the skeletons into the back of his neck.

"I'm sorry, did I not allow for last words." Grace called out.

Cornelius went into action, immediately getting her towards the tents as Link worked on the wound, using water to help channel his abilities better.

"Water Element?" Cornelius asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" Link responded.

"Half my party is Water Element." Cornelius responded.

They got to the tent and laid Grace down on her sleeping spot. Shortly after that, Link was done.

"And done, she should have no more injuries that are a problem."

Cornelius nodded and gave Link a signal to get Voria.

"Voria, take this shift, I'm staying with Grace."

Voria understood and took shift as Cornelius put his hand on hers. The two acted much like a couple, but haven't confessed.

"Grace, when we first met, it was an instant bond, as time passed, we grew, and I came to realize five months ago, I was in love with you, and please, get well soon."

Cornelius was going to go to his tent when Grace spoke up.

"Stay with me, if you're okay with it."

Cornelius walked back into the tent and sat down with her.

"You can come closer, if you desire."

Cornelius scooted onto the mat.

"I heard all of your confession, and I love you too."


Two figures were waiting in the meeting hall of the Akarian Assassin Guild Eastern branch, one about as tall as a newborn giraffe, one several inches shorter, the one as tall as a giraffe had red hair, and wore a plate similar to Brio's but was red and grey. The shorter was a woman with black hair. The hair shone purple in the light.

"Alright, Athena, dear, we hope Brio has an ally, for when we strike the Eastern Tribelands of Rotaria, we'll kill the girl who killed ten of our rookies in the same night."

"Aries, we're ready to strike whenever."

"One week." Aries told Athena.

Credit where credit is due
@Clite of Dragonbow is the owner for Voria
@JustNinja is the owner for Brio, Athena and Aries
@Red Gallade is the owner for Vayu

@Shikowara is the owner for Link
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