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Heroes of Omni: Heroes of Omni Chapter 1: Beggining

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja I AM PUMPED FOR THIS!!!! this is a series based of me and my girlfriend @TooBlue12 's Rp, nd we have alot but there is alwys one specific grouping, it is with me, her, and bloom from winx, goingon multiple adventures from every universe, stomping on bad guys, and making ALOT of Puns... so be prepared for this... becuse were going full throttle in this series

-Also i would like to thank Too blue, for not only being the best GF ever, but also being the person i get inspired by most, and i love her so much :)
It all started one beautiful morning,
A boy was still sleeping, in his drem he was ontop of mountain, with two girls, one had brown hair and a blue overcoat on, she had electrical power and magic, on the other side of him was a red haired girl, she wore a blue top and skirt and a golden crown, she also had wings and a firebll in her hand. The boy looks to see the sky turn blood red, and numerous shadow figures appear, he cant see theyre faces but they dont seem to be good, on the boys wrist is watch, not any wtch he had ever seen before, it was colored blue and had an hourglass like symbol on it, it glowed bright blue light shining brightly when...

Austin: Ow!

The boy had fallen out of his bed and awoke from the dream

Austin: Wow, same dream again... That's the 7th time...it almost feels real every time...

The boy gets up and opens a window looking at the sky

Austin: Man, real life is so boring. I wish i had adventures like that... What am i saying? I have that big game today

Austin went in the bathroom and chnged into his regular outfit, blue jacket and a gray t-shirt nd his regular glasses over his light blue eyes, he hd fixed his hair it was spiky and brown colored, with a stripe of red in it.

Austin: ok, ready to rock

He said as he grabbed his bag and headed for the school

Meanwhile at a secret lab...

Plumber agent: So this is it

Mysterious man: It is boys, we need to make sure it dosent fall into the wrong hands...

Plumber agent: so what should we do?

Mysterious man: Im giving the info to someone new, they will protect it.

The man pulls out bio of the brown haired girl

Mysterious man: Anya Manry, code name Blue

Plumber Agent: The Newbie? she can barely tell where she is

Mysterious man: She may have terrible sense of direction, but she is trust-able...

The man goes over to sunflower in a pot

Mysterious man: and to have flower bloom, you have to start with the seed...

At Austin's school there was a huge DM tournament The DM were monsters stored in gme and people would battle with them, Austin had Large dinosaur with metal armor nd wings in his gme nd he soon beat the opposing player thus winning. after getting a small medal and said his goodbeyes to the others he headed back to town on his Bike

Somewhere near that area

In a truck were two gaurds and the brown hired girl, she held a case carrying the same watch Austin had in his dream, it was exactly the same, color, shpe nd the hour glass dial.

Anya: So... I have to crry this to the next base

Gaurd 1 : *nods*

Anya: and I cant be told why?

Gaurd 2: *Shakes head*

Anya: Well that helps *Pouts nd sits in the seat holding the watch*

when suddenly The truck starts rocking back and forth there is a giant snake like creature rocking the truck back and forth

Gaurd 1: protect the omnitrix!

Anya : the what!?

The creture tips over the truck but the three mke it out ok

Gaurd 2: *Takes out a blaster and looks at Anya* Run!

She does so while the creature starts chasing her it ctches up and grabs her leg making her trip and relese it sending the watch in the air, the creture tries to grab it but fails...

(With austin)

Austin is going bck home when he looks up to see the wtch fall and hit him in the head

Austin: Ow what the-

He easily reconizes it and holds it

Austin: Woah...its...real...

Anya is soon seen chased by the snake creature

Anya: Hey! What are you doing!?

She says seeing austin with it

austin looks t the device and the creature and to everyones surprise he puts it on his wrist and it fits perfectly, the omnitrix B glows brightly and screen appears showing the overshadow of a giant yeti like creature

Austin: here goes nothing...

He hits the watch and it transforms him, he gains white fur ad huge arms and legs, his eyes turn full blue like and he becomes the yeti like creature

Austin: Whoa! *seeing himself* Im some kind of creature...

Anya is surprised and the monster hisses, Austin in his new form grabs the snake creature and releases a cold breath from his mouth covering the snake monster in ice, then Austin punches it with suck force that the monster is destroyed The watch beeps and he turns back. The guards rush up to Anya but see that Austin is wearing the watch, they go over to him

Anya: that... was amazing

Austin: umm... who are you

Anya: Call me blue, and...

Gaurd 1: We need you to come with us

Austin: Ok?

They soon get to large tower and a mn is there to greet them

Mysterious man: So... we have the omnitrix bearer now...

To be continued
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    There is chapter 1 for you Man that was LONG to do, but here is the theme song for this series, yes and it has a song here you go :) also be sure to stick around for chpter 2 "Firefly" coming soon

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