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Bella and Friends A Guide To Bella's PKMN Journey: Herman's Story

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn So, if you have red the full seires then go on ahead, if not then please go and read it. This is about something that a beginner to the series would understand.
This book is from Herman's pont of view, so remember Bella doesn't know about any of the plot! Also Herman currently has no card, but his new self does!

My companians all had something to do, and that was Bella's Pokemon Performance, ever since Brandon took Bella from me I have hated her. I swear I will get revenge on her one day! I walked around Jibulyan City, this place was famous for it's abandoned lab, which happens to be conected to the power plant. I decided I was going to check it out, my amazing grandfather had told me how to get in! I walked inside and entered the code to the building, Leaf blower, and was allowed to go inside. Inside the building looked less abandoned, it was green inside, and it looked well, how can I describe it? It looked like something I enjoyed. Then I noticed something, Cyman was sitting on a throne watching a few teenagers with green hair dancing in green tutus, green suits, and leaf blowers?! "Oh, well if it isn't Herman, I was hoping you would stop my!" said Cyman, he got up from the throne and walked to me. "Well Herman, do you want to know what happens to all my apprentices?" he asked me. "No idea sir." I said, "Well, so you see I am the leader of the evil Team Leafblower, now Jeremey! Kasey! Marina! Come and meet my newest apprentice!" he called to some of the teenagers doing ballet. Jeremey had slicked back green hair, a green suit with an L on it, a green tutu, and a leafblower, and so did Kasey and Marina, exept their hair was in pigtails. Wait a minute! Those kids were some of the kids who went on a Pokemon Journey and never came back! "These kids are some of my grunts, but you are special, I have a proposition, you can become my number one admin! And you will help me turn the world into a leaf! How about that?" said my grandfather with a devilish smile. I smiled back, and then we went into a room with a chair, and a grunt who was holding some makeup, "Now my grandchild, Sashina will turn you into a proper admin!" he said, and pushed me into the chair. Sashina started to transform me, and in about an hour I was completely different. Before my hair was pleated and straight, now it was wild, I was wearing one of those visor thingys, I had the Team Leafblower outfit on, and I was apparently holding my beloved Sylvia's PokeBall. "You will no longer be known as Herman, you are Rivalle! And you will get revenge on the world! Especially that girl stealing Brandon, and stupid Bella!" shouted Cyman, I felt anger for those two hot on me, then I blasted out of my chair and got on the computer, I had research to do about how to kill them.
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  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    Marina Kasey Jeremy and the other grunts are basically green team flare grunts with tutus and leafblowers.
    Mar 13, 2016