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Herman's Story Chapter 1

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn This is a new series about Herman, and how he became so angry, and evil, and what happened to him after the destroying of Team Leafblower (Tornadio is a Fakeomon that looks like a tornado with a really really derpy face)
Today was new and bright, I hated it. Cyman had recruited me as a top admin of Team LeafBlower, I was told I could get revenge at the heartless Brandon, and the naive Bella. Ever since I met a psychic who predicted Bella and Brandon would kiss, I stormed off to another city in rage. When Cyman showed me his grunts, and their stylish uniforms I couldn't refuse. I am currently dressed in a green tuxedo, and I am wearing a green visor, but my red hair stayed red, with more gel in it. Cyman had said that my glasses weren't "stylish" enough, so he took them off my face. Today we decided to discuss our plans, "So everyone, meet Rivalle, he is your new top admin, unless I am in the room, listen to him." said Cyman, then he handed me a mega ring, and a visor for my beloved Sylvia, I strapped it over her huge pink eyes, and she laughed evily, and the rest of the crew joined in. "So Rivalle, I have a plan. We are going to use this machine, to turn the world into a giant leaf! And blow it away with Tornadio, the derp Pokemon." said Cyman while unveiling a huge green ray. I clapped, and cheered, the lab was a safehouse where we all could shelter, and we would we be teleported to another planet, where we can live there. Cyman laughed maniacly and I joined in. This was going to be very fun.