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Pokemon OC's: Hello, One and All!

by Formerly Known as Sticks

Formerly Known as Sticks The new batch of Pokemon OC's.
Sticks: Welcome, one and all, to the new batch of Pokemon OC's!
Aeau the Vaporeon: Finally, some people other than Pix to be afraid of...
Pix the Sylveon: Quiet, you!
Sticks: Alrighty... Here they are! *Pulls curtain*
Bonaparte the Prinplup: Where are my troops?!
Sticks: I told you before, Bonaparte, you are not the emperor of France!
Bonaparte: Bah, filthy commoner. *Struts off*
Steel the Scizor: *Stays silent but sits*
Orchid the Lurantis: *Silently begins brewing Chai Tea*
Roswell the Beheeyem: *Floats around suspiciously*
Fahren the Flareon: Hello, hello, hello! *Begins running circles around Sticks' feet*
Sticks: Whoa there, Fahren! Calm dow- *Gets jumped on by Fahren* Fair enough...
Aeau: *Turns the camera to himself* Uh... See ya?
*Screen goes blank*
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