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hello i guess

by Magdaneela

another piplup pmd bg.png
Magdaneela I'm new here because I impulsively decided to create an account at like 1 AM. Hi..???
haha wow i'm so pathetic at introductions

so i guess this is my sona or something, idk
i ended up as a piplup in mystery dungeon once, which is great because it is one of my faves
  1. Aura
    Damn, what an introduction. I love how sketchy your art is, and pulling of that kind of thing while still having the work looking completely finished and polished is pretty hard to do. In addition I love how stylized all of the Pokemon you draw are - it makes them very distinctly yours and I enjoy seeing that. So yeah welcome to 'Charms, and hopefully we'll be seeing a bit more from you in the future ^^
    Oct 17, 2016
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