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Hello Alola

by DartrixTheIntrovert

DartrixTheIntrovert I was ready. I was ready to go. I was going to Alola. Finally.
"Alola?" I say with wide eyes. "Y-you mean, that new region they just founded?" "Yes honey." mom says. "We've bought you a ticket on the Aquarius ship headed to there from Hoenn. It'll be the second ship ever to head to Alola. Now that there trying to get people to live there." Dad grins and ruffles my hair as if I'm still an eight year-old. I still can't comprehend that there sending me to the all new region. "You'll get your own small apartment on Melemele Island." says mom. "And, don't worry about protecting yourself from the wild grass. Me and your mother have decided that we both got our first pokemon when we were very young, and you should get yours now." Dad finished up the good news, with the best news. I thought that I was going there just to live my life in a nicer region with Mia, my sister. But no, I was going to get a pokemon. In our little house in Fortree I sat there stunned, as Mia climbed through the door on the floor.
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