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Gaiien Region: Heirs of Caerbannog: Clawbit, Warhare, and Wartinger

by Keleri

clawbit line.png
Keleri The basic normal-types of Gaiien, the Clawbit line are fast, albeit somewhat fragile physical fighters that make a solid addition to beginner teams. Wartinger grow large enough to fly with a trainer.

Clawbit --> (lv. 18 ) Warhare --> (lv. 30) Wartinger

Hare Pokémon
They are a common sight all over Gaiien. They use their red ears and light-colored tail to signal one another at a distance.
Learnset: Scratch, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang, Sand Attack

Hare Pokémon
They use their broad claws to dig burrows and fight enemies. Wild warhare have dull claws, but they take on a razor edge with a trainer.
Learnset: Slash, Super Fang, Dig, Double Kick, Rototiller, Hone Claws

Oddity Pokémon
A ferocious pokémon with huge, sharp teeth, it was long considered a hazard for questants and adventurers.
Base Stats: (65/85/65/45/65/100) 425
Ability: Run Away/Sharp Ears / Hidden: Scrappy
Learnset: Agility, Moonlight, Wing Attack, Air Slash, Whirlwind