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The Race To The End: Heaven Awaits

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper This is in memories of doge for Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke for Doge's death.
John: Ok there's Diglett's Cave just gotta climb this fence.
Angel: Hey you come with me.
John: Why?
Angel: Here awaits your new poke-member.
John: Who?
Angel: Follow me.
John: Where? and How?
Angel: Grab onto me.
John: Ok..... AHHHHH.
Angel: We are here.
John: Wow but where's my new team mate?
Angel: Over there he's new and sad.
John: Who is his owner?
Angel: Beef Cake.
John: Ok.
Angel: Here's his Angel Ball.
John: Thanks.
(Little does John know that Angel is Beef Cake)
* Doge whimpers
John: You're gonna be ok I'm gonna take extra care of you just you wait.
Ace: Hey you your the guy who tried killing me well guess what I'm now an Ace.
John: I don't care.
Ace: Battle me then winner gets an Altaria.
John: Fine ok Doge GO and use Angel Fang.
Angel Doge Lvl: 20
Ace: Rat GO and use Tail Whip.
Rat Lvl: 15
Rat's HP- ()()(
Angel Doge's HP- ()()()()()()()()()()()(
John: Use Angel Fang again.
Ace: Tail Whip.
*Rat fainted
John: Wait Tail Whip does damage?
Ace: Yep now Bulbasaur GO and use Vine Whip
Bulbasaur Lvl: 30
John: Wait how did you get that?
Ace: I evolved my Linkachu.
John: Wait so that means I can evolve Tako into a Charmander?
Ace: I guess well anyways back to the battle.
Angel Doge's HP- ()()(
John: Ugh ok Angel Doge return and Tako GO and use Flamethrower.
Tako Lvl: 15
Ace: Bulbasaur use Saply
*Tako fainted
John: What how?
Ace: Saply's a Aqua type move.
John: OH anyways Mozart go and use Sky Uppercut.
Mozart Lvl: 15
* Bulbasaur fainted
Ace: Ugh anyways here's Altaria's Poke Ball.
John: Yes a new member ok time to climb a fence.