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Headstrong: Headstrong- Chapter Two

by Meta-Play

Ava walked outside and next door, knocking on the door, and seeing an elderly woman open it. "Oh, hey, Mrs. Bethell. Is Mac here?" she asked sweetly, looking at her Zoroark, who looked at her for a split second, then looked back at the aged woman. "Oh, yes. I'll tell him to come outside his room. He's probably in there with his Sceptile again. You know how much he loves that thing." "Yes, ma'am." "Please, come inside!" Mrs. Bethell stepped out of the way, allowing Ava, Eclipse, Camron, Doodles, and Rosa to parade into their home.

Ava smelled what their house always smelled like- fresh, wooden furniture and something baking. She's come to the conclusion that every time she comes over, Mrs. Bethell's always cooking something. Normally, it's chocolate chip cookies, more often than not served with MooMoo milk, or some kind of Pokepuff. She'd be lying if she said that Mrs. Bethell wasn't an exceptional cook, because the Pokepuffs were always something that the Pokemon seemed to enjoy, and Camron was always excited to see a bagfull of chocolate chip cookies when she always got back home from a visit.

She looked at the beautifully constructed abode, noting the extensive use of polished wood, and occasionally a rug on a random spot on the black-and-white tiled floor. Ava looked at Camron, whose nose was practically glued to the scents deriving out of the oven. She looked at Rosa, who was enjoying the scenery, having not been in another house for three years. She, then, looked at Eclipse, who was also smelling the scents coming out of the stove. She gently tapped his nose and whispered, "Great, I've got Camron being all nosy, and now you too?" She giggled slightly to let him know she was kidding and he released a slight smile, crossing his arms.

Breaking the awkward silence, the gang heard two pairs of footsteps. Ava noticed Mrs. Bethell walking out from behind a corner, and then saw a fairly tall male, with jet-black hair, and wearing a black and neon green hoodie, the green tints being at the bottom of the jacket, the pocket, and lining the trim of the hood. His navy blue denim jeans appeared almost black, and his black and white sneakers were a noticeable feature.

She looked at him, and looked at Eclipse, who had his head turned to the oven. "Hey, Mackenzie," she said in a joking tone. "I thought we agreed to not call me by my real name," he said, in a weird accent, letting her know he was joking as well. "Oh, we did. But that doesn't mean I can't slip it in a few times," she added, mimicking his accent. He giggled and walked over to her, giving her a shoulder hug. She smiled and put her arm around him, though not coming to his shoulders, due to his larger height over her more petite one. "How's Slash?" she asked in a quiet voice, looking up at him. He looked down at her, releasing her from the hug, and replied, "Oh, he's still in the room. He should be out shortly." She nodded, and looked at Camron, who was staring at Mac. "Cam! It's rude to stare," she hissed, catching his attention, and seeing him stick his tongue out at her. She rolled her eyes and looked, seeing a Sceptile walk into the room. She heard Doodles screech from its towering height, and hear Camron whisper, "Wow..." Ava smiled slightly, watching Mac put his hand on Slash's shoulder, and saying, "I guess the Joltik hasn't met him?" She shook her head, and looked at the spider, seeing him try to curl into a ball. "Don't worry, once the little guy evolves, he might be able to kick Slash's ass. Might." Ava giggled, "Well, you sound confident." "Of course I do. Slash's lost to very few." "Especially Ice types." "...Especially Ice types." She smirked and looked at Slash, who seemed to be enjoying the slight amount of power he held over Doodles. "Would you mind having a battle?" she blurted, looking at Mac. "Oh, you're just begging to be destroyed," he chuckled, nodding and grabbing a few Pokeballs from his belt. "Do you still have the battlefield in your backyard?" "DUH! Of course I do." She rolled her eyes playfully. "Alright, then. Let's settle this."

"Alright, this is the battle of Ava vs me!" Mac shouted. "We both get to use all of the Pokemon in our party, and the battle is over whenever one of the opponents runs out of usable Pokemon!" Ava smirked. He's really been working on announcing battles, she thought. "Battle start!" Ava looked at her Pokeballs, and shouted, "We going all out?!" She could faintly see him nod, and threw a Pokeball, releasing a Liepard. The feline looked at Ava, who smiled and nodded. "You can do this, Selena," she whispered. The Liepard nodded, replacing her uneasy face with a more determined expression, swishing her tail confidently. She glanced over at the stands, seeing Camron sitting excitedly, Doodles asleep on his head. She looked back at Mac, who was throwing a Pokeball, releasing Slash. She smirked, knowing about her trick up her sleeve, and hoping he wouldn't catch on.

"Slash, use Energy Ball!" Mac ordered, seeing his reptilian friend obey. "Selena, try to counter it with Dark Pulse!" Ava shouted, and saw Liepard do exactly what she asked. As expected, the two spheres of magic exploded in the middle of the field, causing dust to spread everywhere. "Okay, Selena, use Thunder Wave!" She saw the small ball of electricity hover over to Slash, causing electric flashes to appear around him. "Alright, good job. Now, use U-Turn!" Selena rocketed herself toward Slash, crashing into him, then returning to her Pokeball. She hummed, looking at the Sceptile seeming as if he was barely holding on. "Go! Raven!" she announced, hurling a Pokeball, releasing her Poochyena. She crouched down. "Ok, boy, I know you're kinda untrained, but I believe in you, and you can do this. Okay?" The canine nodded, his ears flopping in the process, making her giggle at how cute he was. "Alright, he's paralyzed, so you have the advantage, but don't let your guard down. Got it?" He nodded once more, making her giggle again. "Good. Now, let's git 'im!" She stood up, balling her hand into a fist.

She looked up, seeing Mac return his reptilian companion to its Pokeball, and releasing a Roserade. "Ah, you're using Melanie again?" she called out to him. "Of course! She's been dying for an easy kill!" She smirked. "Ohh, we shall see," she muttered, looking at Raven, who looked more confident than she's ever seen him.

"Raven! Dark Pulse!" she shrieked, seeing Mac panic to respond, the shadowy orb cleanly colliding with Melanie. She shook her head before standing up, the Dark Pulse not doing much to her. "When did Raven get so fast?" he asked. "We did some...extra training." "Can your extra training take this? Melanie! Use Sleep Powder!" She hurled dusty yellow pellets at Raven, and he quickly moved out the way, Ava smirking as a response. "Raven! Flamethrower!" Mac gasped, the attack perfectly making contact with the Roserade. She still stood up, struggling at first. "..Alright..Time to bring out the big guns.." He returned Melanie and sent out a Garchomp. "Blade! Use Earthquake!" The earth started to rumble as a horde of cracks cornered Raven, and stones coming through the ground, hitting him with it. Surprised to see the canine live the attack, he raised an eyebrow. Suddenly, the Poochyena's body overcame a whirlpool effect, green dust appearing around it. As soon as the effects stopped, Eclipse was shown, snarling slightly. Mac groaned in frustration. "That's why he was so fast!" he sighed loudly, making Ava smirk. "Looks like you need to brush up on seeing things that are obvious when you see it," she said in a cocky way. "Eclipse! Sucker Punch!" The Zoroark launched a ball of dark energy at the Garchomp, causing damage to it, but not extreme amounts. "Grr...You're tricky," Mac hissed. She smirked. "Ohh, you ain't seen nothing yet, sweetheart," she boasted.
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