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Haxorus High: Part 1


PIKACHOO My first story. Tell me if it's bad ok?
A school opened just for pokemon. No humans know about it. The pokemons went into the school when the owners went into the school. And one day, one Eevee got an invitation from the school. "Mom, Dad!" Said Neko the Eevee. "What's it Neko?" Asked Neko's dad the Umbreon. "I got an invitation for Haxorus High! And I also got a collar!" Said Neko excited. "So what are you waiting for? You have to go to the school." Said Neko's mom the Espeon. "It says the students need to travel from a door. The door is scattered everywhere so you might find it easily." Add Neko's mom. "So that means goodbye?" Neko's mom shook her head. "No it means see you later." Said Neko's mom as Neko went through a door and arrived at Haxorus High.
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