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Hate Never Dies: Rose's POV

by Carmen Lopez

Carmen Lopez A Pottermore mini-series. So with the semester over, my creative juices started to flow again. And just because the Pottermore RP is dormant doesn't mean I can't still use my characters! This involves my main charrie from the RP named Rose Devlin and her complicated relationship with a classmate.
And they said Slytherin was the only house with prejudiced wizards…

Rose Devlin mulled over that myth during Potions. It was a class most Ravenclaws enjoyed because the possibilities were endless once they had learned enough. Rose was no exception: it was her favorite class after Herbology. There was an air of expectation when the professor told them they were trying something a little different.

In the years following the war, there were wizards who sought to create more unity between the Hogwarts Houses. They hoped it would help ease tensions that had lasted for generations and had effectively isolated the Slytherin house where most of the prejudice resided. The sentiment eventually trickled into Hogwarts and into Rose’s Potions class. They were to be assigned to a partner from a different house for a class project. She’d heard the stories from her father’s side of the family so she appreciated the effort to create inter-house friendships, however she stiffened when she was assigned her partner.


Rose thought back to her first day at Hogwarts when she was a bundle of nerves. She was seated next to Perseus, a black boy who was tall for his age, in Transfiguration and they’d hit it off straight away. He was a Hufflepuff and she a Ravenclaw, but they found common ground in wanting to excel in the class they both enjoyed. They continued their conversation even after class was over. Rose found him handsome and very pleasant and though she did not dare articulate it, she might have developed a small crush on him.

But then the talked turned to their families. She tried to ignore the nasty feeling she got when he took a little too much pride in his pureblood heritage, but there was no denying the look of disgust on his face when she told him about her own heritage—Muggle mother, Squib father, childhood lived in ignorance of magic…

When the slur left his lips, Rose could hardly believe it. Without another word, she turned and ran away from him as fast as she could. Her father’s family had warned her to stay away from wizards like him and she was only happy to oblige. But who would’ve thought her first encounter with blood purists—a thankfully dying breed—would come from the Hufflepuff House who was said to be very tolerant.

She had only told a few close friends about that event, but not her hot-headed twin brother. Besides, Sidney would have his own encounter with him two years later. Only he didn’t run away and he and Perseus came to blows. Sidney won that fight and he was never prouder to get detention. Rose knew that Sidney hated Perseus more than he did any Slytherin and that was saying a lot. She herself just avoided him.

But there was no avoiding him here. Perseus reluctantly took the seat next to Rose without even looking at her. She knew he was hoping that there was some way to divide up the workload so they’d see each other as little as possible.

Jerk… Rose thought. And what a shame, too. He’d grown even more handsome over time. His hard work had paid off immensely as he had some of the best grades of their year. When she wasn’t repulsed by him, which wasn’t often, she wondered if he had any real friends in Hufflepuff.

At that moment Rose thought she heard him make a small noise of disgust. She sighed. Time would go by slowly from this point.
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