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Harlow Rasner

by Il Fantasma

Harlow Rasner.png Harlow Rasner (Mega Evolution).png
Il Fantasma So I had an idea for a new Pokemon OC, but she's quite the rule-breaker... I won't be using her for anything on this site, although I'm considering starting a story about her... which would probably consist of things that happened in the XYZ anime. I dunno. Anyway, I'll finish this form, which is free-to-use and created by CuteLittleNightmare on Deviantart, later. Harlow's basics and some extra stuff are done for now. Also, later I'll explain why all her Pokemon are Mega-Evolvable.

Personal Data
Name: Harlow Rasner
Age: 15
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair Color: gingerbread brown
Eye color: pine green

She looks like these sprites, obviously. :p I'll explain that second sprite somewhere below.
Outfits: Harlow wears a black sweatshirt, black leggings with "HA!"s scattered around them, and black sneakers with white bottoms. Pretty simple. Here's a link to a picture I made of it. She's not one for extravagant outfits incase she has to Mega-Evolve her Pokemon.
Accessories: Her Key Stone is located at her right ear; she wears it like an earring.

Birthplace: Pacifidlog Town, Hoenn region
Current location: Anistar City, Kalos region
Occupation: co-Champion of the Hoenn region
Affiliations: Devon Corporation
Alignment: Usually, Harlow's chaotic neutral, but once she's Mega-Evolved her Pokemon, she's neutral evil. Again, I'll explain this below.

Likes: sweets, fruits, sunny days, thunderstorms, rainbows, music
Dislikes: bitter foods, winter, cigarettes, sports, being taken for granted, dishonesty
Fears: hurting anyone, crowds, blood, pain
Berserk buttons: Harlow doesn't take kindly to anyone that calls her a monster. Of course, she'll start freaking out, yell, and probably smack the person that said that.

Badges: She's received every badge from the Hoenn region, and now she's considering doing so in Kalos, even though she knows the fights wouldn't be fair.
Other achievements: She's become co-Champion of Hoenn, which basically means she substitutes as the Champion whenever Steven is away or otherwise busy.

(This is an important one. What is your character like? How does he or she behave around strangers? Friends? How does he or she deal with problems? Are there any virtues he or she holds in high regard? Go into as much detail as you like, but don’t take it too far.)
(How did your character become the way he or she is? It’s fun to know exactly what made a character tick. Again, go into as much detail as you like, but don’t overdo it. Not many people read about a novel’s worth of background…)
Battle strategy:
(How does your character battle? Is he or she aggressive? Defensive? Maybe disruptive? Trollish? It’s usually best to give one advantage and one flaw to your character’s battling style, such as being aggressive, but impatient.)

Pokémon #1:
Name: Morrie
Species: (Mega) Mawile
Gender: male

Pokémon #2:
Name: Glory
Species: (Mega) Gengar
Gender: female

Pokémon #3:
Name: Alma
Species: (Mega) Ampharos
Gender: female

Pokémon #4:
Name: Tosca
Species: (Mega) Tyranitar
Gender: female

Pokémon #5:
Name: Gino
Species: (Mega) Gallade
Gender: male

Pokémon #6:
Name: Syrus
Species: (Mega) Swampert
Gender: male

Trivia: (Any fun details or quirks you still want to share about your character or his Pokémon? You can do that here!)
Character theme: the instrumental of Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco, found here
Character Battle theme: before Mega-Evolution: the instrumental of House of Memories by Panic! at the Disco, found here ~ after Mega-Evolution: the instrumental of this song- One Night in December by Primal Fear (couldn't find an instrumental, but you get the gist)