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Hard Work

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp It's hard work being Ash's friends, and sometimes enough is enough
“Come on guys!” called the so called ‘Pokemon Master’ Ash, “I swear I heard it go this way!”
Ash, Misty and Brock had spent the previous two and a half hours chasing a Diglet of all things through Diglett’s Cave.
“Give it up Ash,” Brock said, “it’s getting late.”
“No!” Ash shouted, “I need to catch that Diglett! Professor Oak trusted me to catch all the Pokemon in the world! He has faith in me, I can’t let that down!”
Misty rolled her eyes, “she also trusted that Gary kid,” she said dryly

Ash just continued searching, eventually cornering the Diglett.
“Finally!” Ash shouted, “you’re mine, Diglett! Go, Pikachu!”
“Um, Ash,” Brock said, raising his hand like a schoolchild answering a question. “Electric Type Attacks don’t work against Ground Types”
“Nonsense,” Ash laughed, “Pikachu is stronger than any stupid ground type, now use Thunderbolt!”
Pikachu looked at Ash for a second, and when he realised Ash wasn’t kidding, sighed and used Thunderbolt, which obviously had no effect on the Diglett

Ash simply smirked, “stronger than you look, huh?” he asked in a failed attempt to sound threatening. “You won’t be laughing when you have a taste of Pikachu’s Electro Ball!”
Pikachu charged up a ball of electricity on his tail, and launched it at Diglett. It exploded into its face but nothing happened.
Ash growled with anger, “why isn’t it working?”
Misty sighed, “Staryu, please fix this mess.”

Staryu popped out of its Pokeball and used water gun, effectively knocking out the Diglett. Then Ash threw a Pokeball of his own, and caught the Diglett.
“Yes!” Ash shouted, “I caught Diglett!”
“Actually Misty beat Diglett, you just threw a Pokeball at it,” Brock stated
“Whatever, another Pokemon for my Pokedex!” Ash shouted

At that moment, the cave began rumbling, and three Dugtrio appeared in front of Ash.
“Oh hey, Dugtrio! I can catch one of them too!” Ash shouted enthusiastically.
“Um, Ash.” Misty said, “I think the Dugtrio are angry that you captured that Diglett.”
“Nonsense, Misty” Ash laughed, “Who’s the Pokemon Master here? I am. So who’s right?”

Misty was right. The three Dugtrio used Earthquake at the same time, and the roof began to collapse. Ash and his friends ran all the way back to the entrance, the cave completely destroyed.
Brock shook his head, “I can’t even imagine the amount of money it’d take to repair the tunnel,” he sighed, “we should probably get out of here before somebody realises we did this.”

“We did what?” Ash asked, “all I did was catch a Pokemon, those Dugtrio were just being unrealistic. And anyways, the good thing is that we’re all ok.”
“I got hit by a falling rock and now my head is bleeding,” Misty said, “it hurts”
“Well at least I have the Diglett,” Ash said, checking his pocket. Then he realised that the Pokeball holding the Diglett was gone, back inside the now collapsed cave. “Or not”
“WHAT?” Misty shouted, unable to contain her fury any longer. “WE SPENT ALL THIS TIME FOR NOTHING?”

Brock shook his head, “I have nine younger siblings I left back in Pewter City to travel with you Ash,” Brock said, “I’ve been away long enough, I need to see them again.”
“But- but what about being part of the Pokemon League?” asked Ash, “tell him, Misty!”
“Actually Ash,” Misty said, sufficiently calmed, “As Gym Leaders, we are part of the League, and speaking of Gyms, I have one I need to get back to too, before my sisters completely ruin it again.”

“But- but- but-“ But there was nothing Ash could think of to say, and so as he watched his friends walk away, he just sat there.
“Pikachu,” he turned to his Pokemon, “you’ll be there for me, right?”
He sent out all his Pokemon, “guys, you trust me, I’m a good trainer, aren’t I.”
Pikachu merely laughed. “Pika Pika (after that display?)” Pikachu asked, “Pikachu Pika Pi Pika Chuu (the amount of times I’ve nearly died because of you, I can’t trust you, none of us can)”
Pikachu and all the other Pokemon all walked away, leaving Ash truly alone

At that moment, Ash heard sirens, as Officer Jenny exited a police car and ran to him.
“Officer Jenny!” Ash shouted, happy to see a familiar face. “My friends abandoned me and-“
“Save it for the judge, kid,” Jenny interrupted, “you’re coming with me.”
Ash’s eyes widened, “but what did I do? I haven’t done anything wrong!”
“You upset the Diglett in the cave and caused the collapse of the entire cave. You’re lucky nobody was inside,” Jenny explained, “I can’t say the same for the buildings above it. The property damage alone must be worth millions!”

“How did you know?” asked Ash
“Two people approached me, told me about what happened.” Jenny said
“Team Rocket,” Ash said, gritting his teeth, “they’re bad people who want to use Pokemon to-“
“No” Jenny interrupted again, “they were gym leaders, on their way to Pewter and Cerulean City, I believe, where their gyms were.”
Ash just shut up as he realised what happened, he was silent on the way to the police car. How could his friends betray him like that? Now he could never complete his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master.
  1. Ry_Burst
    This is exactly is how I feel about him. Ash, top notch role model, and overall good guy.
    Sep 6, 2017
  2. Splashfur
    Ash is so stupid.
    Jul 22, 2017
  3. Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Lmao, this made me really hate Ash XD
    Jul 22, 2017