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Happy Umbreon Day

by Firox

02 - 07 - Umbreon Day.jpg
Firox Happy Umbreon Day!!
Feb 7th!!
(couldn't think of a creative background)

Once more, Umbreon hungry this time so its B and reaching for the R
Letter "U" is made up of two Umbreon ears
and the final E is the Umbreon tail with three strings attached to form the extensions of the E

the big empty spot decided to turn it into the Darkium Z symbol

the fun part:
on the far left - yes its Umbreon not really paying attention to anyone next to it in the park - it has an old cassette player listening to Winger, has a shirt of the band on
* giggles * "she's only seventeen!!"

to its right - Umbreon looking back at the two messing around

to its back are two:
One trying to nap looking annoyed... woken up by tail pulling might not be a fun way of getting woken up
"heey, lets go, thats not a toy"

to left - wrapped paws around "this tail, so fluffy and cozy, and so much fun to pway with..."

to their right on the bottom
my Umbreon sona (Arval) just challenging ? 'Umbreon' making the "ready to pounce" position

Umbreon to the far right not amused
"hurry up and take the photo - I don't want to stand next to these two"
*noticing Fiona*
*guards tail*
"your not gonna play with mine"

in the middle, shiny Umbreon just resting and watching
(shiny Umbreon based it on a friend of mine on Discord)

in the final art they will be drawn in an Umbreon costume
now onto the young ones in the art:
• Zorro the Vulpix standing behind Fi

• Zai the Fennekin peeking out from Arval, looking at the not amused Umbreon, probably thinking of catching paw

• Rose the Zorua looking over from behind the resting shiny Umbreon, ready to join in

• Fiona the Eevee, noticing a tail next to her, bigger Umbreon on the far right... with the playful intentions of "going to catch with it"

and couldn't leave out my Eevee friend, its inspiration made me continue drawing and sharing with all
• ? is tapping Arval's nose (my Umbreon sona) - its how my Eevee friends loves to play, so decided to make it
(though of it late in the drawing... should have made Zorro half the ? size)

(I know its late - snow and extra long work days made me get home too exhausted and not work on drawings)
  1. TylerUmbreon_29
    Yes, it's hard but funny
    Apr 30, 2020
  2. Firox
    Apr 29, 2020
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  3. TylerUmbreon_29
    Luv it mon'ami!
    Apr 28, 2020
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