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Happy Mother's Day 2020

by Firox

Mother's Day 2020.jpg
Firox Mother's Day is on May 10th

drawing features - mother Linette Leafeon
and her 6 younger ones

top left - the two girl Vee-kits - Mia and Leah getting mother awake - Mia shaking tail, and Leah just hugging and nibbling

top right - the four boy Vee kits - left to right Kevin, Matt, Tony and Dennis shaking and tapping mother's front right paw

main image: Linette Leafeon, waking to a fun surprise - three next to her right are giving her peanut butter cookies, Tony on the far right giving her a who plate of cookies, likely Leah playing with the leafy tail, sets the cookie to the side
Mia on the far left giving mother a nice big jar of creamy peanut butter - Linette loves peanut butter
~Rinko~ likes this.