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Digital: Happy (late) Birthday, Zoro!

by =Nightshade=

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=Nightshade= Welp. It’s been a year since my last one, I’d like to think I improved.

Wanted to try out a sketchier art style and I think I like it lol. All the shading was done on one layer each add and multiply, and then a couple overlay layers gave it the saturation, all shading done with the bleeding watercolor brush. Jitter tool, you are a lifesaver. XD

Anyways, tell me what you think!
  1. =Nightshade=
    Nov 14, 2021
    Shikowara and Gamingfan like this.
  2. Gamingfan
    Where are those swords placed Zoro?

    Why are they there Zoro?
    Nov 14, 2021
    Shikowara and =Nightshade= like this.