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Happy Halloween!

by NightRaven

NightRaven Happy Halloween! I'm sorry this is late. Was Pokecharms down last night? I couldn't use the site last night because it wouldn't load no matter how long I waited, and I used a different browser and it said there was an error of some sort. Also, I was err....too lazy to color in black and make it look like Raven with red eyes, but oh well; now it's Crow, an OC of @Twilight Nova !

Crow belongs to @Twilight Nova

Also, I didn't upload any art for a while, so I guess why not upload this? (I was gonna upload it last night, but err...problems occured.)

And It may not look the best...probably because I was extremely tired. Heh.... And I'm gonna do a "Fallout 4 Countdown" where I upload a piece of art (that has something to do with Fallout 4...slightly) until Fallout 4 Comes out! ^^ Better start today!
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  1. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    Awwww as always you made Crow amazingly! So awesome
    Nov 1, 2015