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Happy Glacey Day

by Firox

2018 - 09 - 01 - Glaceon Day.jpg
Firox Happy Glaceon Day - it will be on September 1st

background setting: icy cave
for the silly playful foxys are:

*bottom row*

• the Glacey on the farthest left, sneaking behind some snow covered rocks, randomly throwing snowballs at the nearest Glacey
(whispering to herself) "heehee, gonna get ya"

• another silly Glaceon admiring the Ice Stones its found
"so pretty design"

• a third Glacey, have to have the usual "one playing or nibbling with the tail of another" Glacey is happily nibbling the tail of the other Glacey resting on top of Icy Rock
"nom nom nom"

• not sure if that Glacey will ever catch any fishies inside an icy cave, at least its trying, tail fishing
"I'll be patient, soon will catch a tasty fish for sashimi"

two playing on the far right
• another on the far right, looking annoyed
"heyz! quit biting my paw"

• playfully biting paw
"nom nom"

top row, back of cave:

• the one getting tail nibbled, shiny, its hugging happily a Greninja plush, promised my friend on Bulbagardens (name of Max) was going to be for him
"I love this Greninja plush"

• another Glaceon in the middle, peeking over behind another snow covered rock, just randomly throwing snowballs at the fishing Glacey
"Vee, here you go, can you help me throw snowballs?"

• one more Glacey on top of Ice Rock, stretching out after a nice good nap
*yawnz* "that was a really good nap"

finally, the Eevee in Glaceon sweater, is helping out to throw snow balls
"thanks ya, this is funz.... bbrrzzzz tew coldz"

I know I'm late with the art, got it finished