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Happy Easter!

by Firox

Happy Easter.jpg
Firox an Easter drawing I had made, just finished it
took me almost 5 hours to complete the coloring

Firox - yaay, chocolate egg treats for all
Eevee (?) - petting and treats, so tasty * murrs *
Leafy - "hey, thats my tail"
Vee Kit - "i can climb up to get to basket
4 random Swirlix come in for chocolate sweets too
Slurpuff - also smelling the chocolate coming to get some
Azumarill - petting both ?'s head tuft, Firox fluffy tail
another Vee kit - caught on my tail reaching out "almost got it!!"
Riolu - waiting patiently to get its treat
Zorua (!) - rushing to get one, maybe one is apple flavored
Snivy - also walking to get one
Marril - peeking from behind the basket
happy Azurill - also waiting to get some

light colored Eevee on me, and the orange tufted Zorua are sonas that belong to my friend, let me used them for the Easter drawing

Happy Easter everyone!
  1. Firox
    @EvergreenTheEevee no worries, it was my earlier drawing attempts, while stile learning, been improving a bit since the time I made the drawing
    Mar 25, 2020
  2. EvergreenTheEevee
    Not to be mean but leafeon looks a little thicc
    Mar 24, 2020
    Firox likes this.