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Happy Birthday EonMaster101

by WindRyder

WindRyder Happy birthday @EonMaster101 :). Here is the little story I made up to go with the art. EonMaster101 (Isabelle) is going into the town hall late at night on her Birthday to finish up some work. When she opens the door she sees that WindRyder (me, the dragon) had planed a surprise party! Digby is jumping down from the ceiling to surprise her. Mr. Resetti burrowed through the floor (the mayor isn't going to be happy about that) and is giving EonMaster101 a lecture on how to have a happy birthday. KK Slider is strumming "Happy Birthday" on his guitar. Snake is waiting on the ceiling ready to protect you if anything bad happens. Redd is hiding behind the banner. Is Redd's present the real work of art or a fake? Tom Nooks tail is visible as he put down his present (a gyroid) and leaves (he doesn't want to ruin his business man reputation). Kirby wishes you happy Birthday as he rockets across the sky on a warp star. Link (who is on the moon getting ready for the Majora's Mask finale) throws down a present with a balloon attached and is sad that he will miss the party. I hope you have a great birthday! :)
  1. Azur
    Aww, this is so sweet~!! ♥
    Thank you so much, WindRyder! This is a wonderful gift. :)
    Oct 13, 2015
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