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Hanabi~Fireworks: Hanabi~Fireworks: A Sparking Beginning ~Part One~

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ A short story set in the MHA universe about a young girl with firework-like wing...-like... things, called Hanabi Youki.
Part one of I don't know how many parts I'm gonna make.
A girl with spikey, vibrant yellow hair panted, leaning against a wall marking the grounds of her middle school. The girl had on her back, bursting through delicate cuts in her navy sailor uniform, two large, red firework-like objects, complete with wire trails. The girl sighed, smiling, before she pushed herself off the wall and walked onto the school grounds.

The sky was mostly clear, a few small clouds scattered about, while a light, chilly breeze blew. Quite a few students, excitedly chatting amongst themselves, were also just coming in alongside Hanabi.

Only three more months of middle school left for the third-years.

"Haa... time really does just fly by, huh?" Hanabi said to herself.

"Not as much as you." came a male voice from behind her, alongside a slight sizzling sound.

Hanabi sighed, pinching the now-ignited wire of her wings. "Kazan, you know I can stop that prank, right?" she said, without turning to face the student she addressed.

"Tch. That might be true when I'm just casually throwing around some flames, but watch this!" the student, Hairou Kazan, smirked, walking in front of Hanabi.

He held out his hand, all fingers pointing upwards, and stared at it. Small flames sprouted up at his fingertips, slowly growing as he focused more and brought his fingers together. As he brought his thumb to his fingers, he grunted and squeezed his eyes shut. The flame grew to the size of a tiny egg, but almost immediately disappeared as Hairou doubled over, sweating and panting.

"You saw that right? You couldn't put that sort of flame out right?" he said between breaths.

Hanabi stared at Hairou, struggling to think of a comment on what he had just done.
"...Well, do your best, okay? Only a month left before high school entrance exams, after all~" she said, bending down to give Hairou a hand, which he promptly batted away.

"Of course. I'll ace them, so no need to worry for anything but your own strength."

Hanabi had already started walking away by the time Hairou finished. "Huh?" she stopped and looked over her shoulder at him.

"What?" he said, glaring at her as he picked himself up.

"I'm not aiming to be a hero. I thought everyone here knew that."

"Tch. Not like you'd be much good anyway..." Hairou said, standing upright, though wobbling a little.

Hanabi sighed. Hairou wasn't strong either, at least from what she had seen, but his quirk was far more combat-applicable than hers.
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