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Halo and Rufus: Halo and Rufus cha. 3

by SparkyLewis949

SparkyLewis949 As Halo takes Rufus to a beautiful meadow, Rufus thinks nothing of it. But as Halo shows more about it, Rufus discovers much more about Halo's past.
Rufus stayed rather quiet while we walked to the meadow. When we finally reached the enclosed area, I lifted Rufus to the top, and climbed up after him. I slid down the enclosement, and stumbled upon the meadow. Rufus' eye's widened, and I heard him quietly mouthing "Wow."
"It's so beautiful," I can hear him say. "What did you want to show me?" He asked me, looking up. I look down at his intrigued eyes, and finally reply. "Rufus," I start off. "This is not just a meadow." He looks at me with a confused look. "Then what is it?" He asks me. "It was a graveyard."
"What?" He asks me. "Rufus, I need to show you something else." I pick him up and take him to the pond. He looked at the water, and asked me, "What about the water?" I clear my throat, and set him down. "Look closer in the water." Rufus looked closer, and I can hear him gasp, and I can see what he was gasping at. He finally saw the carcasses.
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