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Holiday Specials: Halloween Special 2016

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This a story i will be posting once a year for Halloween. Just to let you know there are no profiles for this because its a oner. I will tell you the character's names and gender.
Name: Flame
Gender: Male
Name: Mindy
Gender: Female
Name: Mink
Gender: Female
Btw guys they are all human.
The three were on their was to a party when zombies appeared.
"I have never seen zombies before." Flame said.
"Maybe its just someone dressed as it, I mean its Halloween." Mindy said.
"True." Mink said.
"Lets just go to the party." Flame said walking around them. They went to the party and everyone was either drinking or dancing.
"Well if something happens the dancers will be able to do something." Mink said. So they partied for while them zombies went through the door.
"Anyone have weapons?" Flame asked.
"I have a pistol." Mink said. SHe started shooting the zombies, she killed about 50 of them. Then she ran out of bullets.
"Time for some old school." Flame said picking up a sword. He was slicing the zombie's heads off. After about 30 minutes the zombies were defeated.
"About time." Mindy said in a chair.
"You didn't do a thing, neither did the drunks." Flame said.
"Well at least thats over." Mink said opening the oven to find a ghost to jump out.
"What is wrong Mink?" Flame asked her.
"Im good but a ghost jumped out." Mink said.
"To be honest I never thought ghosts and zombies would exsist." Mindy said.
"Well lets hope no more come." Flame said too soon. Ghosts and Zombies came through the door.
"I will take care of the zombies and ya'll will take care of the ghosts, mainly Mindy." Flame said as he went to go kill zombies with the sword again. After about an hour the zombies were gone but the ghosts were still here. The house began to float.
"Woah, lets just survive." Mink said. Everything was walking and trying to get everyone. The drunks didn't survive.
"I kind of expected the drunks not to survive." Mindy said walking out of the house with everyone.
"Me two, Im also surprised you survived Mindy." Flame said.
"WHAT!?" Mindy said.
"Im just saying, Mink and I did all the work." Flame said.
"Lets just be glad the spooky stuff is over." Mink said walking with them to their houses.
"Happy Halloween everyone!" Grim Reaper said.
"WHat was that?" Flame asked.
"No clue, lets just get home." Mink said.
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