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Halloween 2018

by Firox

2018 - 10 - 31 - Halloween (sharing).jpg
Firox Happy Halloween!!

just something fun and cute that came to mind
Jyo, my Espeon sona, is dressed up as Freddy Krueger
Firox, my Flareon sona, is dressed up as Pennywise

Vee, and Arval are taking three young kits, friends of Fiona, first time trick-o-treating... but all hide behind Vee
as the costumes that Jyo and I picked are too scary for them at first
Arval convinces them that its OK

Candy, and fun experience, the spooky costumes are forgotten

all the costumes:
Firox, Flareon - Pennywise
Jyo, Espeon - Freddy Krueger
?, Eevee - Aggron
Arval, Umbreon - Grey Fox

the four kits are:
Fiona, Eevee - Ghenghis (from Foxbusters)
Zorro, Vulpix - Nick Wilde (from Zootopia)
Zai, Fennekin - Finnik (from Zootopia)
Rose, Zorua - Mario (Mario video games)

I was a bit lazy with backgrounds this time
still so terrible with shading, but hope the fun fan art makes all smile