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Thorns: Half past Twelve

by Apocolythe

Apocolythe Part 4?
Woo mad lobsters
Angsty AAAANGSTY you should know this by now
When Kamui arrived and kneeled on the grass she saw Kazahana with her back to the royals. She also learned something new.
She learned that she should have prepared herself better.
"...We... we couldn't find his body. The trees that surrounded his Pegasus were stained, however...All we could find was his hairpiece and his lance...Gods damn that bowman..!"
Ryouma hoarsely shouted, voice dead from calling for hours. He relentlessly slammed his fist on the floor countless times, and Saizou and a teary-eyed Sakura attempted to calm down the crown prince.
Kamui gripped the grass around her, digging her fingers into the soil. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and turned to find Cyrus frowning at her response. Of course, he had known her for so long that he had taken to her mannerisms and knew what she was feeling, when she was feeling it, like clockwork. Hearing someone settling down next to her, she saw her green-haired Ninja Retainer. He was silent, but just by looking into his violet orbs you could tell what he was going through. She could see something else, however, and it made her stomach turn.
He was hiding something from her.
  1. Apocolythe
    ooh, now what WAS Kaze hiding?? I think I made what he's hiding a BIT too hard to miss?? Basically, read over part two VEEERY CAREFULLY and you might get it. Worse case scenario, I can say

    If I make the hidden stuff not obvious enough, I'll be a pretty bad author >.>'
    Sep 1, 2015