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Half-Blood Trainers: Half-Blood Trainers - Chapter Three

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 Percy and Annabeth go on board the SS Anne, and head towards Sinnoh.
Chapter Three - Annabeth's Point-Of-View
I finished packing my bag.
As I walked out of my room at the school, I wondered what might happen in Sinnoh.
I could become a coordinator...
No, that was a terrible idea. I've never actually had an interest in contests, and I sure wasn't going to enter one.
Although, Percy could probably win.
Well, he could. People seem to like him for some strange reason.
I quickly changed the subject of my thoughts as I exited the school.
"Hey, ready to go?" Percy asked, standing on the first step.
I nodded. "Yeah, I assume you are, too?"
"Well, I probably wouldn't be standing here if I wasn't."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go."
To get to Castelia City's docks, we were driven by Hestia.

Once we arrived, we were greeted by a Female Sailor, who couldn't have been older than us.
"I'm Laney, I work on the ship. If you need anything, just ask me!" She said with a smile.
I saw Percy look back at the girl as we walked away.
"Something wrong, Perce?"
"No." He answered, quickly looking away from the girl, before looking back.
I stopped walking and turned to him.
"So why do you keep looking back at Laney?"
Percy looked at the ground. "It's just...I feel like I know her. Except I can't remember her."
She's never been at the school, so he obviously he didn't meet her there...
"Maybe she's your sister."
"What?" He asked, looking up from the ground at me. "But I don't have a sister."
"Exactly how many Regions have you been to?"
"I'm heading to my second."
"Which means that you don't know if you have a sister or not."
"I think my mom would have told me--"
"Unless she didn't know."
He didn't respond for a minute.
"Let's just...keep walking."

Which we did, in complete silence.
Not a word was spoken until we reached our rooms.
"See you tomorrow, Percy."

"You two, Annabeth."
Is he...still thinking about that girl? I wondered, as I closed my door.
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