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Half-Blood Trainers: Half-Blood Trainers chapter four

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 Jason and Piper arrive at New Bark Town.
Chapter Four - Jason's point of view
I stared out the ship's window.
It was great that I was chosen to go on a journey, even more so that it's with Piper.
She's awesome.
The only thing I already wanted to change? Which region we're going to.
Sure, Johto is great. But I was hoping to go to Hoenn.
I haven't met my dad.
I only know who my father is because my sister told me before.
Then she left, but she wouldn't tell me why. She just said she had to.
My mother...well, I don't know exactly. My sister avoided that subject.
I tried to run through memories, hoping to remember actually being with one of my parents.
After a few more minutes of failing to find even one, someone knocked on my door.
"Yes?" I called out, turning to face the door.
As it opened, the door creaked rather loudly.
A girl with short, brown hair stepped in.
"Hi, Piper." I smiled.
"Hi, Jason." She smiled back. "We're about to stop."
"Okay," I nodded. "Do you want to sit?"
"Yeah, sure." She came and sat with me, next to the window.
We sat in silence for a minute.
"Are you excited?" Piper asked.
She turned to face me.
I told her about wanting to actually meet my dad.
I trusted her enough to.
"Oh, sorry," She mumbled. "I didn't realize that."
I shrugged, forcing another smile.
"It's not like I've brought it up."
Before either of us could say anything else, a voice came over the intercom.
"Attention, passengers. We have arrived at New Bark Town!"
We looked back at each other.
"I'm going to go get my bag," Piper stood up. "See you in a minute."
"See you."
I watched her leave, then grabbed my own bag and waited outside my door.