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Gym Leaders Reworked #1: Millie

by Zucchiniii

Zucchiniii Eyy its me back from the dead yet again

Pandemic's been pretty hectic but I decided to recreate my old fanmade gym leaders and see how far I've come with my art heh
There's quite a lot of changes to the gym leaders now I think. Let's start with Millie, the first gym leader.
Instead of being the shy bug-type trainer, Millie is now the strong rock-type leader! Her family deals with Rhydon and Rhyhorn from raising them to training them for races. Millie has had to work up strength to care of all of the baby Rhyhorn at the farm. Her team consists of: Solrock, Shieldon, Minior, Carkol, Rhyhorn and Crustle(a rock/bug type hehe)