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Gym Leaders Dandy & Desmond

by The Snom Prince

Dandy & Desmond.png
The Snom Prince Made these 2 a while ago, I had gotten an interest back in Pokemon and decided to make my own region, these 2 are Gym Leaders.

Their gym is a Daul-Type Double Battle Gym, meaning every pokemon has 2 Types and every battle is a double Battle, IDK what position their gym will be in yet.

They are themed after 2Tone, Ska and Skinheads (The OG ones, not the racists), both a Galar-born, Desmond has an English accent while Dandy has a Jamaican accent

Dandy has a Toxtricity (Low-Key), Indeedee (Male), Mimikyu & Rotom

Desmond Has an Obstagoon, Indeedee (Female), Appletun & Klefki

There is much more to them but I think this is long enough as is.

BASES USED: https://www.deviantart.com/selenaede/art/S-M-Anabel-Base-809355672 (S+M Anabel Base by SelenaEde on DeviantArt) https://www.deviantart.com/selenaede/art/B-W-Team-Plasma-Grunt-Male-Base-805460134 (B+W Team Plasma Grunt Male Base by SelenaEde on DeviantArt)