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FANMADE GYM LEADERS: Gym Leader #9 Wyley

by Zucchiniii

Zucchiniii Congragulations, you're halfway through the Auran Gym Challenge! It only gets harder from here!
Your next challenge is the business power person, Wyley Drake! He is one of the most influencial people in the region, and he is known to be a road block to challengers because of his use of the ferocious dragon type! Do you think you can best him?
If you manage to, he will give you the Smite Badge and the TM for Dragon Pulse.
Next... You've been asked a favor by a mysterious figure about communicating with spirits? You'd better find the ghost type gym leader for this.
  1. JojoMaker
    Nothing But a Little Kiss From Hatterene Can't Fix!
    Jan 19, 2020