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Guild Master Belle

by Prologue-9

Guild Master Belle.png
Prologue-9 "Name's Belle, and this is Riku. I'm the leader of the 3-person trainer guild, Land's Finest, and a mother of one. Used to be a professional in the underworld, 'till I got knocked up and married to a professor. We...separated shortly after our daughter's birth. The first six years she spent with me, and for four after that she attended her father's school. After that, she set out on her journey. Now when I'm not supporting my daughter, I'm supporting my guild. We travel every so often, competing in tournaments and lending a hand where we're needed. That is all I wish to share."

Riku the (Mega) Absol
Count the Noivern
Paarthurnax the Aegislash
Judy the Mienshao
Bessy the Blastoise
and Renae the Emboar