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Guess Who #2

by FoxyFNAF

  1. BooBerry
    Lavender: I know this one! It's-
    Annoying Orange: Farty Mcbuttpants
    Lavender: No it's-
    Annoying Orange: Scary Mclemon
    Lavender: Please stop it's-
    Annoying Orange: Andrew Mcnoodlenuts
    Lavender: Ugh, it's Gallade
    Annoying Orange: YAY I WAS RIGHT!!!
    Lavender: Why are right?
    Annoying Orange: Because Gallade's nickname is Andrew Mcnoodlenuts! HAHAHA!
    ( Please watch AO play trivia crack, it is really funny! )
    Mar 24, 2016
  2. Rovenz
    Gallade. What else?
    Mar 24, 2016