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my region and everything that has to do with it!: Guang Xai. Electric type gymleader oc.

by roanyael

roanyael So like a long time ago I made Elizabeth as a normal type gymleader. and I let the PokemonRoleplayers Amino choose the next type. And they choose the electric type so I hope you guys enjoy.




Electric type can represent a lot of things but most of those things where already taken by previous gymleaders. I mean ya got a former aramy member, a fat electrician , a depressed Naruto fanboi, A model who has a weird obsession with theme parks, an inventor WHO IS 10 BTW and another 10 year old inventor. All of wich scream, electric type. (I'm being sarcastic here) Anyway I first though about some edgy character but then decided to go to the opposite side of the spectrum. And make a pastel boi. He's a skater. Which screams electric just as much as the others. Anyways hope you guys like him



Guang Xai was born on the 28 of July in 1999, somewhere in the Hudson region. He never had something with Pokemon and as a child he never had the big dream of traveling around the region as a pokemon trainer. He just wanted to stay in his hometown, and stay skating since that was always his passion. And so when he turned 10 in the year 2009, he didn't get a pokemon to travel around the region. And instead started persuading a dream to be a professional skater.

But this all changed a few years later. The year is 2011, and Guang is 13 years old. He was doing he normal routine. Going to the skating course that was just out of town. He could always spot at least one pokemon on the way there. But today was different. He had his earbuds in and was listening to music. He wasn't looking out and crashed right into a young and defenseless Shinx that was trying to cross the road. And just like any normal person would do he immediately picked it up snd ran to the pokemon center that was back in town. And that same day. The Shinx decided it wanted a trainer. Not that Guang wanted a pokemon. But he got one anyway. And they became really close. Doing everything together.

Fast forward one year, 2012, Guang is 14 years old. He finally decided to go on a journey through the Hudson region. And so he did. He started to focus on electric type pokemon since he fell in love with them. And after he had journeyed through the region he comes back to his hometown in 2014, at age 16. Once he came back he saw construction and found out that they where searching for a new gym leader to fill the new gym that was being built in his own home town. He decided to apply for it. Why not "If you don't shoot, you always miss" And not long after a small tournament was held between the trainers that wanted the gym. And he eventually won with his Luxray. And the gym became his, an electric type gym.

After obtaining the gym he started to train even more with his pokemon. And become stronger as ever. And as time went on less and less trainer's started beating him. In 2016 when he was 17 he became one of the most popular gym leaders in the region. This was because he was really active on social media. And not anly that. His different fashion style earned him spots in countless fashion magazines. He became so popular online that many trainers started coming over for a gym battle. An whit so much training he only loses less and less. At the age of 18 he decided that his gym ha to he redesigned. So in 2017 there was the grand opening of the new and improved electric type gym which doubled as a skating park.



I will give him and every gym leader in the future a team of 6 which they can change up depending on how strong the opponent is. But here I mostly show up what they’re strongest team is. So here it is

LUXRAY (ace)



Right now in the year 2020, Guang is 21 years old. He has become even more of a celebrity. He'd never guess that his life would change so much by simply getting a pokemon. He has become a fashion icon in the Hudson region appearing in every fashion magazine and blog. And although he enjoys all of the attention and pokemon battles. He still loves to skate. And thus his skatepark themed gym is always open for those who just want to have a good time and skate with him.



I would like to know what you guys think about him.
  1. roanyael
    Mar 9, 2020
  2. Night's Shadow
    Night's Shadow
    Luvin your art style!
    Mar 7, 2020
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