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Gruesome Work

by DartrixTheIntrovert

DartrixTheIntrovert I look for a fossil in the team plasma site.
The dust spins up in my face as I hit the ground with my pick ax. Here at the team plasma headquarters, in the dig site, all you can hear is the clink, klank of metal on rock and sand. We're all down in the pit, in the building digging. "Kinkchhk." It's a different sound than usual. More of a muffled and low sound than the klink sound we usually hear. Quickly I kneel down, and just disregarding my team plasma shirt they force us too where, I start using my hands to brush off dust and dirt. And I see it. The black, and cracked rock like texture. A fossil. A cover fossil, the one I was hoping for. Pure joy is what I feel. Using all my strength, not my pick ax, I pull the fossil from the ground. Sweat drips from my face. The only sound I can make is the huffing of heavy breath, and my legs and back and arms ache to there own extent. But after being the first to find a fossil, that's enough for me to yell, "Ryoku!" the member of the seven sages glares down at me. "I have a fossil."