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Growing Up

by AceyPie

AceyPie PeachyPoi here just summarizing what's been happening in my life...

Im back for a while... Just because I broke my left ankle falling from flights of stairs, pretty Ironic considering I'm a nurse now... Clumsy meme
First things first, I know I didn't give a reason to leave. I basically had to focus on my studies for Med School, Pokecharms was nice to me, But I had to prioritize my life, so yeah with further ado here it is

My name is Peach Avery Pequéna Alvarez, I currently live in Ohio, Cleveland (GO CAVALIERS) I work as a nurse in Fairview Hospital,
18101 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111, USA, I specialize in Anesthesiology and a couple of other services but not surgery... I am clearly aware I am not ready for that

Now if you havent read the tagline. I broke my ankle and suprise suprise it's a Grade Two ankle sprain I'll probably be around for a couple of weeks, might check around after my ankle has healed

Got a small apartment near my workplace just a little drive away from Fairview (Yes I have a car now, used to be my brother's but He got a new one)

Might add to this later on, A friend of mine is staying with me, He won't leave until I get better. Literally. He's been with me for a week now, cooking for me, doing the dishes, covering my shifts doing everything I would do if my, you know ankle wasn't broken
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