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Greno's journey in kalos:part-4: My first badge!

by Greno

Greno Now greno take's on his first gym the bug type gym
Will he be able to defeat the gym or not find out today!!
"froakie let's go" (greno sents out froakie as his first pokemon)"hmm...a froakie hu.. alright let's go surskit" said viola in a battle voice "froakie use Quick attack" said greno to his froakie "surskit Dodge it" [surskit slides to the left to Dodge it] "Froa!!"froakie yells and hits it head into the ground "hmm froakie use Quick attack one more time" says greno "Dodge it again surskit" viola said but surskit was distracted by froakie's face "Sur" said surskit in pain
"Alright froakie" said greno in a happy voice "surskit you alright"surskit stands up " alright use water gun" surskit use's water gun in froakies face "heh it not very effective" said greno"now finish it up with pound" said greno out loud froakie hits surskit and it was a critical hit surskit fainted "surskit return said viola in a sad voice "hm its alright vivilloin go" said viola "froakie come back go flecthling" as greno throw's the pokeball "flecth.!" Flecthling use peck"flecthling fly's to vivilloin using peck and hits vivilloin with a critical hit "vivilloin use use harden" vivilloin used harden "heh now flecthling use peck one more time" and flecthling used peck with another critical hit vivilloin fainted "vivilloin return"said in a bad voice "well! You and your pokemon have showed me a fantastic depth!just fantastic"said viola in a good voice"I guess you deserve this it a bug badge" said viola giving the badge to greno "alright froakie and flecthling ready to beat other gyms with me" said greno and flecthling and froakie agreeing "alright let's go" (to be continued in the next part of greno's journey)
[The End] ;-)