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Greno's journey in kalos:part-3(chapter-1)

by Greno

(As greno head's to get his first badge he find's a flecthling) greno: huh what is that oh wait proffesor gave me something before I left was it pokeballs no here it is a pokedex(pokedex powers on) greno: alright let's see. (Pokedex: flecthling the tiny bird Pokemon flecthling like's to hide in tall grass sometimes in trees.) Greno : a flecthling huh alright froakie let's go..."fro!" Froakie use water gun.."fro..akie" (froakie use's water gun on wild flecthling)"flecth"(flecthling use's peck on froakie) froakie Dodge it..."fro" alright now use tackle(froakie used tackle before flecthling flied)"flecth". greno: alright pokeball it's all yours go(pokeball hits flecthling head pokeball moves one time) c'mon (pokeball moves another time) almost there (flecthling been caught) alright I caught my first pokemon "fro!!" Alright let's go to get our first badge [as greno head's to get he must heal his Pokemon] nurse: thank you for waiting we restored to full health. Greno:thank you. Nurse: we hope to see you again. Greno: alright let's go flecthling and froakie..."fro" "flecth" [now greno arrived in the gym] old man: hey kid if your this gym you should really use a fire type Pokemon because bugs don't like fire and also this is a bug type gym so...good luck kid.[greno enters the gym] greno: WHAT there's spider webs oh well I try my best not to fall. [As greno beats all the trainers his half way there] greno: WHOW [greno suddenly falls froakie comes out of pokeball] "Fro!!"[froakie use's it's cotton to grab greno] greno: AHHH!![froakie pulls greno up] greno: thanks froakie alright I'm ready. Voila: looks like you are alright go surskit. Greno: go froakie (to be continued...)