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Greno's journey in kalos:part-2

by Greno

Greno New characters: Bonnie,clemont,jessie and James from team rocket
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Greno: let's go froakie. THUD!!! Greno: I'm sorry. Clemont: apologize accepted..so what your name. Greno:my name is greno. Clemont: so greno.... Bonnie:uhh guys look
(Greno and clemont talking) Bonnie:GUY TEAM ROCKET STEALING OTHER POKEMON!!!!
Clemont:what do I do to stop team rocket...what would ash do uhh oh no. Greno:we will talk about ash later let's stick with this first .. hey team rocket want Pokemon's come and get me. Jessie: a twerp trying to battle us with a froakie. James:now that's what I call mega twerp. Meowth: what are we waiting for let's get that Pokemon. greno: no your not froakie use tackle(froakie used tackle On team rockets balloon) meowth:hahaha our balloon never pops. greno:use water gun now. Froakie: FROAKIE!!(uses water gun team rockets balloon pops and explodes)Jessie:were blasting off. Greno:welp it was meeting you but I have to go bye Bonnie bye clemont (Bonnie and clemont says bye to be continued tomorrow)
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