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by R Envoide

R Envoide This is the Base Design of the legendary that Bro's making for Pokemon Keys
I've kinda added tiny temporary details tho
Imma add details (^w^) :
Name : Greizore (Corrupted Forme)
Species : Wanderer Pokemon
Typing : Dark/Ghost
Ability : Insomnia
Description : Most of this pokemon's body is entirely invisible
other than the glowing holes on the side of its head
that seem to be eyes, in which, are actually just
part of it's mouth that exhale glowing ghastly fumes.
Stats : (In Progress)

It looks like Salandit :3
It's still the base design, it's obviously gonna change
OMG BRO how can you resist NOT sleeping for so looong?? asfdkhnasgjhdasjkfhj
Seriously? It's barely even midnight.
(T w T) Hope that I don't accidentally fall asleep
good luck on that, boop