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Jessie's travels: Grass, Fire or Water

by Chris the trainer150

Chris the trainer150 Jessie chooses his “starter” and his journey begins
The time had come for Jessie to pick his starter, he sat and waited eagerly as Rowan pulled up his case of Pokeballs.
“It’s nice to meet you Jessie, I am professor Rowan.” Rowan eyed Jessie’s gible curiously.
“Is that your gible young man?” Jessie nodded, not wanting to accidentally say something rude and offend the professor.
“Well, no matter” said Rowan. “I promised you a starter, and a starter you shall get” stated Rowan, as he opened his case.
“In this case, I have three Pokémon, Turtwig, the grass type...” The professor lightly tossed the ball, and a flash of light filled the room as turtwig came out.
“Turtwig!” Exclaimed the excited turtle.
“Chimpchar, the fire type...”he repeated the action with Chimpchars ball.
“CHAR!” Came the excited cry as Chimpchar was sent out.
And last, but certainly not least, Piplup, the water type.” He repeated his action with Piplup’s ball.
“Piplup!” Came the Proud cry from the penguin Pokémon.
“You can choose any of these three you like, go ahead young man, but be careful, this Pokémon will be a strong ally and a close friend.” Jessie nodded and looked at all three of the Pokémon in front of him, a few minutes passed before he finally made a decision.
“I choose Chimpchar” Rowan nodded and handed Jessie the pokeball.
“Just remember, this Pokémon is very energetic, and very hyperactive, remember this, and you should be fine.” Jessie nodded and smiled as he held the pokeball to a new friend.
Two hours later, Jessie was running through the routes near Orburgh city, training up his two teammates.
“You guys are tough to train aren’t you?” He said as he looked happily at his two companions.