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I’m doing Fakemons... Again: Grass Cow is Best Cow

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain You thought I forgot about this didn’t you? Nope! I’m back! And since I ran out of wonders based on humanoid statues and temples for Greek gods, I had to do some research.... so here is the legendary based on the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon (and the Bull Of Heaven from Babylonian Mythology)

Taurylon (Taurus - Babylon)
Rock / Grass
Gender : Genderless
Ability : Pressure - Regenerator (HA)
Moveset when caught:

Seed Bomb

Ancient Forest*
Pokédex Entry:
TAURYLON is one of 7, it stores the seeds of every plant, alive or extinct, in its garden. It is said that it prevents pollution the best it can by absorbing its harm to protect the plants.

*The user invokes the might of nature in them and raises its Defense, Sp.Defense and Attack Stats sharply, but decreases its Speed stat Sharply as well