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The Jorio Region: Graham

by Rovenz

Gym Leader Graham.png
Rovenz "The King of Nature"
Graham is the Gym Leader of the Doneystrick City Gym. He is the son of Antonio, the Gym Leader of the Hustflare City Gym. He liked Grass types since he was 4 years old that his first Pokémon was a Bulbasaur, it evolved fully into a Venusaur, and he moved into Jorio, where he met a lot of people. He is a very intelligent boy, but a very mischievous one too.
Pokémon: Lvl 18 Snover, Lvl 18 Sewaddle, Lvl 19 Exeggutor
Rematch: Lvl 67 Abomasnow, Lvl 67 Leavanny, Lvl 68 Leafeon, Lvl 68 Venusaur, Lvl 69 Tangrowth, Lvl 70 Exeggutor
Partner Pokémon: Exeggutor
He hands out the Clover Badge if they win
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  1. Rovenz
    I might as well edit the bio.
    Aug 15, 2015