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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Good Riddance

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is the 10th chapter of the Melancholy of the Demon lord Sai, and before you read any of this, I ask that you read the earlier chapters for clarification! #summercamp15
It had been 2 full days since this prisoner had came here, and Sara was not going to have any of his talks anymore. She was done with him, and instead of originally killing him, she wanted him to leave, as soon as possible. She started whining, “How long is this prisoner going to stay here?”

Sai, the man right next to her, wanted him to leave as well, as him being alone with Sara was driving his anger, and there was going to be a point where he would lose it, and rip him to shreds. “Until he wants to leave.”

Sara yelled, “He’s supposed to be a prisoner!”

Sai laughed, “Oh, yea. I forgot about that.” He looked at Cecil. “Hey, Cecil, can you call Rafael for me?”

Cecil nodded, and left the room, only then to ring an eavesdropping Rafael, into the room. Guess that didn’t take that long as she thought. Sai spoke, and gave his command. “Go back to your cell for the night.”

Rafael started to whine, “What? Why?”

Sai pointed at himself. “Because I said so?”

“Yes, I’ll return to my chambers at once, and I’ll lock myself up, so no worries about checking up on me.” He ran to the prison and immediately locked the door on himself. He sighed. He shouldn’t speak all that ill-mannered in front of his majesty.

Sai, Cecil and Sara slowly proceeded to call it a night, and went into their respected beds.


Well, I guess I should leave now. He opened the door, and smiled as he was thinking about Sai. He’d changed in the last ten years, not for the best, but hopefully he’d change back in due time. Probably when the girl was dead, he’d change, and hate humans in the future. He took out his brown wings, and started flying back to the demon kingdom.

As he entered the castle, through the hallway-window, there seemed to be something amiss. Where was everyone anyway? “ Raphael! You’re back!”

“Mercy, you can stop worrying about me. Now, where is everyone?”

The green haired Succubi queen saddened. “Today’s the 10th year that lord Sai has gone missing. They’re all mourning in the throne room.”

“Well, what a coincidence. I just found the idiot the other day.”

“You found him? Tell me where he is!”

“I’m sorry Mercy, I won’t tell you until I tell everyone else. He told me to only tell you where he’s residing, but I want to tell everyone he’s alright first.

“So he didn’t get captured by humans? And they’re not torturing him?” The best theory that the war-planners came up with was that he had been kidnapped by humans, and was tortured somewhere and that just proved to be false now.

“He’s on vacation, and he’s having way too much fun to be captured.”


“I just happened to come across him and well, he’s got 4 years and 364 more days until he returns home.”

“Are you sure he’ll return in 5 years?”

“If he doesn’t, I’ll drag him back.”
Rafael walked into the throne room, which was packed to the brim; Rafael had a hard time breathing in the room. He squirmed through all of the demons, and they eventually noticed that he was there, and dispersed to the corners of the room. Rafael walked to the front of the throne room, and in his loudest booming voice, he spoke. “I have a huge announcement to make, and I’d like everyone to have their full attention. You all were probably worried about me, and where I went, but I’d like to say, I have located Lord Sai!”

The crowd started cheering, and were about to swarm him.

“He is all right, with no difficulties, so no worries.” He then looked at the crowd, which was already rejoicing, but one demon asked, "When will he be back?"

Rafael sighed.“He will be back in approximately 5 years time.”

Anger flew into the room, as all the demons were mad at their lord for taking forever. “That’s too long!” “We need our king back now!”

“He won’t do something this rash again, he promises he promises he will destroy the knights, and put those humans in turmoil.”

“That’s our king’s words for sure!” Another demon chimed in, and the crowd went silent. “Where did you see him?”

“I cannot say, as he wanted his location private. But, he told me to tell just one person, and that person will be revealed later.”

“Then how do we know you saw him? This might be all a lie for revolution!”

Rafael took something out of his pocket, and dropped it on the floor.“I brought a feather of his black wings.”

The demons started to scream in joy, “That’s our king for sure!”

“Tell everyone, and when Lord Sai comes back, we will take down those humans in Aelhaven!” Screams could be heard everywhere, and Rafael quietly left the room while the entire kingdom rejoiced.
Sai had been scratching his wings since the morning, as it felt like a feather had gone missing. He locked his bed-room door, took out his wings, and started to count his feathers. There seemed to be one missing! His face turned bright red, and started to scream. “Rafael!” He put back his wings,left his room, and proceeded to the prison cell.

“Father, he left!”


“Lord Sai, we’ve been here since this morning, and it seems there are no signs of Rafael. He appears to have left.”

“Damn it! I wanted to torture him today!”

“I guess he was acting suspicious last night, y’know not checking on him and stuff.”

“That is true.”

“Ah, well, since he’s gone, I guess we’re more free to do what we want, right?”

“That is true, father.”

“It’s so weird with you calling me father instead of daddy Sara.”

“Well, don’t I have to act like a noble-lady?”

“Not around me, you don’t.”

“Dad, I want to ask a question.”

He saged her hair. “Yes, my darling?”

Sara pointed to herself, “What am I to you?”

He smiled. It was expected that she was this depressed about what happened with her and Rafael, but still, these type of questions were leading to nowhere. “You’re my sunshine, my light, my moon, my stars, and if you weren’t here, I’d be the miserable man I was yesterday.”

She blushed. “You’re not miserable, are you?”

Cecil spoke in to the two’s moment. “Lord Sai gets very stressed, thus he drinks often. But he hasn’t drunk a sip of anything for a long time.”

Sara sighed. She’d never expect him to drink ‘that’ type of stuff. “You drink alchahol?”

He turned a slight ray of pink. “Not often anymore, as I’ve found my light, and that’s you.”

She took his hand, and started tracing something on it. “So you wouldn’t mind if I grew up and changed?”

“No matter what, you’re still my Sara no matter what.” Sara ran to her father, and gave her a big hug.
Since he’s gone, we can have more time together. Even if it’s limited, I’ll try to be here forever.
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