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Good idea

by Victinope

Victinope @PrincessPika I did another attempt at 'draw it on paper, scan it, draw over it digitally' and it turned out pretty good!
Here is she still doesn't have a name, v2!
  1. DManArt&RP
    Lets make a Birdbox reference and call her Girl
    Feb 12, 2019
  2. Victinope
    @PrincessPika Well, pretty much no name will 'fit well for her', since if she was in a Pokémon game, I imagined her to be a rival/friend kind of character.
    Feb 11, 2019
    PrincessPika likes this.
  3. PrincessPika
    Yup, that does look pretty good! Also I would like to give name suggestions, but I don't know much about this character, so I'm not really sure on what names would fit well for her...
    Feb 11, 2019