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Gold's Jurny: Gold's Revival

by Dayton Young

Dayton Young Not Finished

Gold has searched for two more years to find his Familly, and found thier mission to destroy the world, bye using Mewtwo.
Gold has searched for two more years to find his Familly, and found thier mission to destroy the world, By using Mewtwo ...

Chapter 1 - A darkened Poisen
Gold now in the Johto Region once again, finds himself seemingly trapped inside a cave, with nowone or thing in sight. The only thing giving off light is a torch ready to burn out, but off in the distance gold spots something, two red glowing eyes. Gold just waits patiently were he is. The eyes get bigger, and closer, before long a Gangar apears from the shadows, followed by a trainer. "I new you would come" Gold says.
"How couldn't I" The trainer responds.
"Then let's head down" Gold says as he pulls a lever text to the rock he's sitting on. Both trainers walk down the stairs. Gold now introduces the new trainer Galoa(Ga-low), a blond haired female trainer, to Blue, and Matt. The four are makeing plans to stop Red, and Lavender before the world is destroyed. Thier best pokemon though are Darkrai, Typhlosion, Blastoise, Celebie, Gangar and a slightly smaller Regi-Steel. Gold opens a portal with his newly friended Darkrai, and the four enter.

Chapter 2 - A fork in the Rode
The four pop out the other side into a wide open field in a seemingly new region. A Hurd of Pidgy fly above their heads, while the river holds Feebas, and Magikarp. "This is the place" gold tells the group.
"Are you Shure" Matt Replise
"Place the Time bomb" gold tells Blue, and blue arms it, and places it down. The group enters the dark mist again, and after the explosive goes off, they walk back though.
"You were right" Matt says impressed
"Down we go" Gold says. Galoa jumps down first into a steel surrounded cave. Next down comes Gold, followed by Blue, then Matt. Gold leads the way, while Matt talks on how Steel types will have a advantage since the walls are metal. They find a fork in the road, and vote on with way to go. "I vote Left"
"I vote Right" Galoa says
"I vote Right" Blue also agrees
"I vote with Gold, Left" Matts final decision is made
"Then let's split up" Gold Replise. The team agrees, and will contact each other if sucsesfull.

Chapter 3 - Blocked, or Extra way out
Gold, and Matt find a larg hole in the ground, and haveing pokemon on them makes this easy, and they just get carried acrossed on thier Darkrai. Gold returns Darkrai, and they both continue down the path. Matt trips over a tripwire setting a trap. All the sudden thier trapped between two large bolders.


Galoa, and Blue walk though thier path. Blue notices a pattern on the walls, and shows Galoa. "What's your point" She says.
"This one doesn't stay with the pattern" Blue tells her. Galoa throws out her Regi-Steel, and it bends open the walls, revealing a pathway.

Chapter 4 - A newly made path
Gold sends out Typhlosion, and tells it to use flame wheel on the one bolder blocking the way. "Won't it get hot in here" Matt warns Gold.
"Be happy I didn't tell him to use eruption"


Blue, and Galoa walk though thier new path carefully. They reach a opening;A room with a large Super Computer. "wow" Galoa says.

Chapter 5 - Mision almost complete
Gold, Typhlosion, and Matt make it though the bolder after many Flame wheel attacks, and they walk on. They continue down the path, and see someone off in the distance, and after a while they reach them. The figure was made out to be red before he vanished in thin air.


Galoa, and Blue try to hack into the Super Computers files. Galoa find were Mewtwo is in the base. The two hurry up and run thier, and on thier way they contact the others.

Chapter 6 - Let the battle begin
The team find each other, when Gold, and matts path lead to a hole in the ground, and they jumped. The group continued, and finds a room, with a huge glass Berrier in front of them, and Mewtwo a long way over to the other. They break though the glass, but ---
"Stop right thier" Lavender yells as he jumps down. "You can't defeat me" he says as he grabs his full set of 6 pokemon. Red jumps down, and grabs his six. Gold asks the others for thier pokemon to stop them. Gold has a full set now, and for a double battle Blue joins him with a set of 3. The rest ran a while, and looked to be halfway acrossed the room. They hurried as fast as they could, but Matt couldn't catch up, being very young. Galoa ran further ahead. Matt looked back to see a Typhlosion, and Darkrai faint.

Chapter 7 -
Galoa seamed to reach three fourths of the way acrossed the large room, but the team fighting were loosening fast. Matt watched in silence as A Regi-steel, Rychu, and Blastoise All. Fainted. Galoa ran farther, and farther until she made it to the base of Mewtwos chamber, only to find Lavenders evil team were waiting, and each had atleast three pokemon. Galoa surrendered being surrounded by about 20 peaple, and even more pokemon. Matt watched the team battleing, the Charizard used flamethrower right at gold, but Blue jumped in the way.

Chapter 8 - It's all over
"Sacrifise, what a stupid thing to do" Lavender comments
"Shut up" Gold yells at Lavender
Matt has bean captured too, leaving only Gold.
"This is it" Gold says quitly to himself.
"... Mewtwo ... I choose you ..." red says, and Mewtwo breaks out of his chamber. Red mega evolves Mewtwo into Mega Mewtwo X. "Now finish him using Psychic"

Chapter 9 - The Final Chapter
"It's all over" Red says, as he leaves the room ... Gold stands up, and leaves.
  1. Dayton Young
    Dayton Young
    I'm still makeing the story, I'm working on this one as I go.

    Hope you enjoyed the series so far though.
    Jun 17, 2015