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Gaiien Region: Gods and Demons: Moriko vs Belladonna 2 Poison Boogaloo

by Keleri

moriko vs belladonna 2.png
Keleri A scene from Chapter 21 of Gods and Demons. Moriko and Belladonna, the poison-type gym leader, have a rematch while ensouling their pokemon. I decided to go with a pokemon anime Battle Bond-like change for this level, with hair and eye changes on the pokemon to denote the human fused with them. Belladonna also has the porphyry/tyrian purple stripes from her gym uniform appear on her Grendile's body because they're a major part of her identity, similar to Ash's hat. ;)

Grendile, the glutton pokémon. A poison- and dragon-type, it evolves from goredile near level 50. It is one of the rare pokémon that does regularly consume matter for energy. It will gorge itself on anything it can find —animals, vegetation, occasionally other pokémon —and then sleep for months buried in the river mud.
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