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Giovanni's Madness!

by Puglife2509

Puglife2509 A short story about Pokemon and someone having a strange day :D
It was like any other day! Being awoken by the loud yet annoying sound of the fire alarm ringing in my ear. I strutted down the stairs wandering what caused the fire alarm to go off and saw my mum trying to cook the cat again (Meowth). "Mum what are you doing?" I asked as she took the cat back out the microwave and started shaking it. A sudden silence filled the air as my mum stared at me awkwardly until in the corner of my eye i could see a Giovanni. He had been at it again with his mind tricks! I threw a rounded butter knife at Giovanni's round pumpkin like head and he seemed to have gone before it reached him.

Till this day my mum has not microwaved the cat since and , Giovanni has never been seen ever since i threw a butter knife at him!
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  1. Puglife2509
    Jul 10, 2017
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  2. VaporeonUser
    Jul 10, 2017