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MLP: Tarots and Dream: Gilded Angel pt.2

by phoenixacezero

Previously on MLP: Tarot and dreams

Dox had told his plan to make peace with The changelings and told everyone about their jobs. He gave Fluttershy the job to help out someone on house arrest.
Shining armor had used the Glasses and found out a startling secret about Prism Rose.
Fluttershy found out that the pony Dox assigned her to is Rainbow Dash ex-friend, Gilda.

Back to the action

Fluttershy: *scared* Gilda.

Gilda, was Rainbow Dash's old friend from Junior Speedster Camp. She bumped into her when she herding some ducks through and was yelled at. Also threaten Pinkie Pie to stay away from Rainbow Dash. When Rainbow Dash saw her true color at the party, they stopped being friends.

Fluttershy's thought: Gilda. Gilda the pony, err... griffion that I have to parole. okay, calm down Fluttershy, you can do this. You just have to assertive.
Gilda: So your my parole officer huh?
Fluttershy: ummm.. yes. I was assigned as to
Dox: live here to with you.
Fluttershy: to live.....
Fluttershy & Gilda: WHAT?!
Dox: opps. I guess I forgot to mention it to you kid. For one week you will live here with Gilda. CONSIDER IT A SLEEPOVER. *snap his fingers and produce a white chocolate cake.* That not what I wanted but, *eat the cake. try again and produce a blue footed pajama on fluttershy. next to her is a sleeping bag*
Dox's thought: Well people of Pokecharms, there an idea of what you draw for your next Fluttershy fanart. No I won't put her in something sexy on purpose... pervs. Beside the writer want to keep it PG-13.
Fluttershy: But why?
Gilda: It not bad enough that I'm on house arrest, but now I have to put up with some cop?
Dox: ... okay one: She not a cop and 2: the reason I'm doing this is because you seem lonely. Maybe some company for the for 7 day will turn that frown upside down. The rules are simple. 1: You shall live here for 7 days in this house and you must sleep here at night. 2: you can get groceries gilda, but fluttershy must a company you. 3: Neither one of you cannot inflict any physical or sexual abuse on each other. do so and I you'll pay. 4: Flutterhsy is allow to go to her cottage to due the fact, that she has to take care of some animals. You can come with her if you want Gilda.
Gilda: whatever.
Dox: *smile* good. Now if you follow the rules and behave, I will give you both a reward. anything you want... except for drugs, slaves, and sex. If you want pleasure, look at porn and jack off. Ciao. *teleports away.*
Fluttershy: .... um well.
Gilda: Listen, Just because your living here for a couple of weeks, don't expect for any special treatment. *walk inside.*
Fluttershy: okay. *enter inside Gilda home.*

The inside of the house was well kept. It wasn't fancy, a bit messy, but it was comfortable for a family to live in. There were CD of various metal bands, magazine and some paper back books. in

Fluttershy: *looks around and notice a two photos of Gilda. when she was younger and two older griffon with some of Gilda's traits and one of Gilda smiling along with RD stand in front of a sign that says "Junior Speedster Camp.*
Gilda: Okay. listen carefully dweeb cause I'm going to lay down some ground rules. You can't enter my room *point at a door with a paper sign that says "keep out" in red letter.* unless I say so or if it some sort of emergency. Also don't go into that room and mess it up. you shall sleep on the couch. Also no using my laptop. The last thing I need is my computer getting a virus due to you clicking some stupid pop-up. Break any of these rules and I'll make you regret it.
Fluttershy: *nervously shook her head.* Okay.
Gilda: Good. *walk into her room. she lay down on her bed.*
Gilda's thought: great. It was bad enough that I have to be put on house arrests cause of dork of a teacher, but now I have to let somepony crash at my pad for a week. Though that mare look familiar. where have I seen her before... Wait. She that wimpy pony I bumped into me at the market. Why on Equestria would they assign somepony like that to watch over me. Well it doesn't matter.

Ponyville, 4 days later

Rarity: A little bit to the left... now up.. no, now it off. go bit lower darling... There.

Pipsqueak {adult. height- about fancypants height. muscle mass- average.} and a blue stallion with a comb cutie mark and an orange moehawk with a black sandwiched in between hang a banner up with multi-colored letters saying "Welcome to Equestria."

Rarity: Perfect. That will be all Pipsqueak and Teddy.
Teddy: Finally! *mumbles*
Pipsqueak: Your welcome lady rarity.
Twilight: banner. *levitate a checklist and place a check in a box.* Sweetheart, how the decoration coming along.
Sweetheart: Swell. We manage to put half of the decorations. If we keep things up at this rate, we'll be finish in about hour.
Twilight: Good. Vinyl how the sound sy-
A loud blare of dubstep blast through out Ponyville.
Twilight Sparkle: *Cover her ears.*
Octavia: *stares angrily at Vinyl.* VINYL CAN YOU TURN IT DOWN
Vinyl Scratch: *chuckle sheepishly*
Twilight Sparkle: *shake her head.*
Derpy: *flies up to Twilight.* Twilight you got to see this. *grab twilight and carries her.*

Derpy and Twilight flies across ponyville till they reach a giant gingerbread house.

Twilight: Derpy, why did you carry me all the way to Sugarcube?
Derpy: Just look inside.

Twilight Sparkle pushed the door open and what she saw mesmerized her. The interior of sugarcube corner was lovely. The walls were covered with Heart and Hooves day decorations and there seem to be enough seating to pack a crowd.

Twilight: Wow. This looks wonderful. The cakes really outdone themselves,
???: Thank you

Twilight look in direction of where the voice was coming form and sees a tall lean light amber pony with light orange mane and a cutie mark of three cut of carrot cake and a short blue mare with pink mane and a cutie mark of three cupcake carrying some saddlebags full ingredients.

Twilight: Mr. and Mrs. Cake. How are you today?
Mr.Cake: We're fine, just busy setting up for the festival.
Twilight: Umm... you do know why it being held right.
Mrs. Cake: Because the Prince wants to help establish a bond between Pony and changeling. Pinkie Pie told us all about it.
Twilight: *eyes widen in surprise.* And your okay with it.
Mr.Cake: Well sure. After all a sweet shop's purpose is to serve sweets to customers, regardless of race.
Mrs.Cake: That why we transform it Sugarcube into a date cafe.
Twilight: Well I wish you guys luck. *walk outside*
Twilight's Thought: A date cafe, that an interesting concept, still how will it go. Still the sugarcube corner is a perfect for one. Maybe I can invite Trickstar on a..
Twilight: *shook her head.*
Twilight's thought: I WAS JUST ONE KISS. Beside We only know each other for a few weeks and that only online, plus according to the " Egghead guide to forming a relationship," It take longer than that. Just stay focus on the task Twilly. *chuckle* I sound like Shiny for a second there... I wonder how he's doing.

Canterlot castle.

Anxiety filled the room as shining armor stand in front of the door to Dox's room. But he wasn't the only one. The Ponies he gather for Dox and two other ponies, Prism Rose and Falcon Eyes. they were nervous, but also curious on what going on and why does the prince call them to come.

Shining Armor: *hesitate*
Shining Armor's thought: Maybe I should just leave...
Shining Armor: *shake his head*
Shining Armor's thought: No. I need to know.
Shining Armor: *open the door.*
Paradox's room looked like completely different than what most ponies imagine. It looked lik-

Dox's Thought: Hold it. hold Man. I sense your having difficulty describing things. Just put a link to a modern bedroom that suits my taste.

Celestia, Luna, Candance, and Dox were sitting around a table sipping tea or coffee, around them were 3 guards, all representing the princesses. The Celestia guard don a bright golden plated armor, Luna's wore a armor that blend with the night sky, and the Crystal guards wore armor made conmpletely made of crystal.
Dox: *drinking coffee.* AH welcome. Have a seat.

Everyone in the room: *took a seat. *
Dox: Now, your all wondering why I called you here.
An artist earth stallion: Yes, but can you make it quick. No offense, but I have 5 commission to finish by tonight.
Dox: Very well. Let start with the what on Shining Armor's mind.
Shining Armor: huh?
Dox: I can see the confusion in your eyes. Come on man spit it out.
Shining Armor's thought: What should I do? I mean if I say it I might put Prism Rose and Falcon Eyes in serious trouble, but who know what might happened if I don't tell. Well here goes.
Shining Armor: Prism Rose.
Prism Rose: yes.
Shining Armor: Well..um but are you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Dox: *annoyed look.* SPIT IT OUT!
Prism Rose: *Surprised*

The room remain silence.

Prism Rose: *Chuckle* No, I'm not.
Celestia's guard: Are you going blind? *Point at Prism Rose.* This mare look nothing like those foul monster.
Falcon Eyes: *Stare at him with anger*
Dox: You do know we're making peace with the changeling hive, so that mean dealing treating them like every citizen in Equestria, *focus his magic and produce a great flash. The light fade revealing something shocking*
Shining Armor:!
Candance: !
Celestia: !

Everyone mind was racing, trying to get a grip on the truth right in front of them. The ponies on the list and Prism Rose, they were changelings. The guards quickly surround them.

Falcon eyes: *jump in front the guard.*
Falcon Eyes: One those so called " Vile demon" happen to be my marefriend.
Dox: Everyone clam down. Now sir Falcon Eyes, explain when did this happened?
Falcon Eyes: *sigh* The night of the Royal Wedding of Princess Candance and Prince Armor. I found out that Prism was a changeling a few weeks ago.
Shining Armor's thought: That explain the injuries.
Shining Armor: Wait, I thought Me a Shining Armor sent all the changelings away.
Prism Rose: You did, but some of us got knocked off course.
Artist male Changeling {Brush Tail}: Some took the form of ponies. A few of us were lucky to be taken in. While the others were left to die in the wild.
Raggedy female Changeling {Noble Voice}: After we healed, some of us decided to headed back to the hive, while some like me, decided to stay and live new lives.
seamstress male Changeling {Needle Wing}: Most of stay because our lives back at The Hive was difficult and fell in love with this place, but now that we've been exposed we beg you...
All changeling; PLEASE SHOW MERCY!
Shining Armor's thought: Are these guys really changeling... I mean they seem too nice to be one.l Yet again, I only ones I met was that bitch Queen Chrysalis. But now seeing this, I wonder if the one at the wedding were just soldiers, following order.
Dox: *serious voice* I just have one question for Falcon Eyes...
Falcon Eyes and Shining armor: *nervous*
Dox: *Relax* When the wedding?
Everyone: *stare at him*
Falcon Eyes: *confused.* We're still taking it slow your majesty.
Dox: Then I best speed thing up. Everypony back to work. *hod up a black crystal heart* the sooner we get this baby finish, *wrap his leg around Falcon Eyes*the easier for this lucky stallion to get hitched this lovely changeling.
Prism Rose: You mean your not angry.
Dox: Of course not. The fact that some changelings have already immigrated, makes thing a little bit easier.
Celestia's guard: *dazed* B-but your majesty. These changelings could be spies just acting to be nice, just to waiting for the time to strike and take over Canterlot.
Brush Tail: WE'RE NOT SPIES! Beside, we can take somepony like you in one shot.
Celestia's guard: Typical changeling nature. One minute they act friendly then they back stab a pony in the back.
Brush Tail: How about I shove my horn up your-
Dox: ENOUGH! Shining Armor, what do you think? What should we do with them?
Shining Armor: !
Shining Armor's thought: What do I think? I mean their changelings, the same changeling that kidnap Candance and Twily, but one of those changeling is Prism Rose, my friend... is she? I mean changeling act nice in order to fool their caretaker. they then drain the magic from them and leave them a lifeless husk. but in that the case, why isn't Falcon Eyes like that. Maybe, just maybe, she moderated herself, because a Prism Rose cares for his well being. she really does love him. Does that mean there other like her....
Shining Armor: ..... They need citizenship if they're going to stay here. After the festival, grant them full citizenship.
Shining Armor: I remember. I can't forgive the queen and those who did that to them and for a while saw all changeling only as monsters. But after getting to know Prism, I realized that not all changelings are the same. So unless any of them commit a crime, I won't punish them.
Celestia's guard: *eye twitch* YOU HAVE GONE MAD! THESE DEMON SHOULD BE PUNISHED! EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM, STARTING WITH THAT BITCH! *draw his sword and swing it at Prism Rose.*
Shining Armor: *stops him with his magic.*
Dox: *angry* SIR EDGER! You disappoint me. I hoped that you would acted more mature of the decision, but instead you acted out of hate and tried to attack an innocent pony.
Candance: No. Your the heartless criminal here, not them. Guards, take him away.

Rest of the guard escort Sir Edger to the prison.

Dox: A cookie baked with spite and greed will always end up being bitter. *look at Prism Rose* Until peace treaty had been signed hide your true identity. Same for the rest of you three.

All 4 of the changeling nod their head in agreement.

Dox: Good. Now any questions?
Needle Wing: Why are trying to establish peace.
Dox: Simple. Peace is the ultimate goal of all country, even those under tyrant... Plus I find the Queen very attractive.
Everypony: WHAT?!