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Gijinkas: Matthias, Ambrosia and Theo

by Maiden of Ghosts

matthias (small).png ambrosia (small).png theo (small).png
Maiden of Ghosts And here are my other recent drawings! I spent all day yesterday working on these three. :'D

It's the rest of my main Legendary Musketeer quartet, the other member being their sister Rochelle! These three have gotten design revamps as well (Though I never posted their older incarnations on here, oops!) and gosh I love them. This quartet of characters have always meant so much to me since I originally created them back in 2010, and I'm very happy with how they are now! ♥

Btw, Matthias (Cobalion) and Theo (Keldeo) are both male, and Ambrosia is non-binary (They/them, he/him, and she/her all work!)

(And oh, fun fact, they all wear feathers that turn into swords upon activation! The same applies to Rochelle, though I didn't mention it on her image.)